Selected People

The Selected People paragraph type is used to list faculty, staff, and other members of a department or office.

This paragraph type pulls in information from the Person and Faculty content types for easy display on a page. The most common use-cases for this paragraph type are for staff and/or faculty listings within departments. The paragraph type displays the following information from the referenced person and faculty nodes:

  • Image, if uploaded
  • Name (required)
  • Job title (faculty title in the case of faculty members; note that this is managed by the Dean's Office and cannot be edited by the web team)
  • Phone number, if added
  • Email address, if added
  • Excerpt from the profile intro copy
  • Link to read the full person/faculty profile

Jump to step-by-step tutorial for adding selected people to a page

Below is an example of a Selected People paragraph in action (note that the first profile referenced is a Person page, and the second is a Faculty page):

Prof. Kristi Upson-Saia

Kristi Upson-Saia

David B. and Mary H. Gamble Professorship in Religion
(323) 259-2855

Areas of specialization: late ancient Mediterranean religions; dress and performativity; history of medicine, health, and healing 

Other examples of Selected People:

Before adding a new Selected People paragraph to a page:

The Selected People paragraph type references existing Faculty and Person nodes on the website. All Oxy faculty should have existing faculty profiles that are managed by the Dean's Office. Non-faculty staff and student workers must have Person profiles created for them, but many are already in the system. Before adding a new Person Profile page please check to make sure they do not already have a page in our CMS; this helps us prevent duplicate content. To search for existing content take the following steps:

  1. In your admin toolbar, click on "shortcuts" and then "Find content"
  2. Type the name of the person you want to search for in the Title field, and select "Person" from the drop-down menu labeled "Type." Click "Apply."
  3. A list of all Person nodes that match the title you searched will appear in the content results below. If the person you want to add to a Selected People paragraph is shown in the list of content you do not need to add a new Person page for them. You also do not need to add Person pages for faculty members because they already have Faculty profiles on the website.
  4. If there is no existing Person profile for the non-faculty staff member you want to add to a Selected People paragraph, please follow the steps in our tutorial on how to add a new person/staff profile page.

Once you have confirmed that all the staff members you want to add to a Selected People paragraph have Person pages in the CMS, follow the steps below to build out your staff/faculty listing. If you need to request a new inside page, such as a "Meet Our Team" page, please email the web team and we will create the new page for you.

Instructions for adding a Selected People paragraph to the body region:

  1. Navigate to the page where you want to add the Selected People paragraph and click "Edit." (Follow these steps if you don't see the edit button)
  2. Scroll down to the "body paragraphs" section beneath the body field. (Follow these instructions for adding a callout section to the below content region)
  3. Choose "Selected people" from the paragraph type drop-down.
  4. Click the "Add new Paragraph" button
  5. If desired, enter a Paragraph Title. The title will appear as large text above the Selected People paragraph. This is useful if you want to add multiple sections of staff/faculty, such as "Full Time Staff," "Student Workers," etc. Otherwise you can leave the title blank. For a good exmaple of multiple staff groups on a single page see the Emmons staff page.
  6. Begin typing the name of the person or faculty profile you want to reference into the empty field under "selected people." A list of all Person and Faculty pages that match your query will display; select the one you want to add with your cursor.
  7. To add more people to the listing, click "Add another item." You can add as many people to a single paragraph as needed to build out a staff page.
  8. Note that some faculty members have a Person profile page in addition to their Faculty profile, but you should always reference their Faculty profile page in the Selected People paragraph. Although the two listings look identical in the content suggestions the first listing will always be the Faculty page, and this is the one you should select. Note: please do not add new Person pages for faculty; these are selectively added by the Web Team for very specific use cases.
  9. You can use the arrows to the left of each name to drag and drop them into any order you like.
  10. If you would like to add multiple staff sections (e.g. "Full-Time Staff," "Student Workers," etc.) you can simply click the "Add another Paragraph" button to add a second Selected People paragraph to the page. Use the title field on each individual paragraph to label the different sections. For a good exmaple of multiple staff groups on a single page see the Emmons staff page.
  11. Once you have added all of the faculty and staff members you want in your Selected People listing(s), click the "save" button to publish your changes.