Oxy staff are available to answer questions about financial aid, tuition payment and student billing.

Where can I find the cost of attendance?

The annual cost of attendance, which includes tuition, required fees, housing and food is available on our website.

When will my student get their tuition bill? How can I access it?

The College bills each month, on or around the 15th. Bills are issued to the student through electronic billing (eBills). If your student is receiving financial aid and has completed their financial aid required financial aid application materials, the financial aid will appear on their first bill of the semester as a credit. Students will be able to access their eBill by logging into their myOxy account. Your student can authorize someone else to view their account and pay their student account balance by adding an authorized user. Authorized users may be added and deleted as necessary, but only by the student. It is the student's responsibility to set up authorized users for their student account. Once added, the authorized user specified will receive an email notification which contains an initial eBill password and login instructions. An email notification will be sent to each address provided when a new eBill becomes available.

What is tuition insurance?

Occidental offers an optional Tuition Refund Plan, administered by GradGuard, which protects your educational investment by reimbursing tuition and room and board charges should your student need to withdraw from school due to a physical or mental illness or accident. This plan extends and enhances the College's published refund policy. This plan is optional, but if you wish to participate, it is vital that you submit an application with payment directly to GradGuard before the first day of classes. Please click here to learn more about the plan.

What is student health insurance?

Students must have health insurance in order to enroll at Oxy. The Occidental Student Health Insurance Program (OSHIP) premium cost may be waived for students who are covered under a parent's policy or have other healthcare coverage. The Emmons Wellness Center will have the waiver available online on June 15, and additional information will be provided at that time. You can view the Emmons billing and insurance frequently asked questions as well as the most up to date information about the cost of the OSHIP, or contact emmons@oxy.edu for more information.

When does my student's financial aid post to their student account?

For most funds, an estimated amount of aid is posted to the student's account once the Office of Financial Aid has provided them with a financial aid offer and all requirements for that offer have been met. Financial aid is not posted for outside aid such as private scholarships until the College receives the funds/check from the outside organization. Prior to the first day of classes, aid is posted as estimated aid.  Financial aid funds are disbursed and available on or after the first day of classes.

Do we need to resubmit the FAFSA or CSS Profile every year?

Each year a family must reapply for need-based financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans, work study). The FAFSA and the CSS Profile are both required each year, as are parent and student income tax documents. Reminders about reapplying for aid are sent to students in January, with all documents due by March 2 annually.

If there is a change in our family circumstances, how can we request additional financial aid?

If you have changes in your financial circumstances, contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss your changing circumstances and if they might impact aid eligibility. More information about this topic can be found on their website.

Can my student have an on-campus job if they don't have Federal Work-Study or Occidental Work Award in their financial aid offer?

Yes. While most jobs on-campus are reserved for students with Federal Work-Study or Occidental Work Award offers, there are a few departments that can and do hire non-work study students. A list of those departments is available online and each job description will indicate whether a Federal Work-Study or Occidental Work Award is preferred or required. The Office of Student Employment processes all student employment on campus.

How do merit scholarships work?

Admitted students who receive merit scholarships will receive them each semester as long as they maintain the scholarship’s required GPA. The FAFSA and CSS Profile are not required for consideration for merit scholarships, nor are there any additional application steps. All merit scholarships are awarded at the time of admission by the Office of Admission. Appeals are not accepted for merit awards and additional opportunities to apply for general merit scholarships are not available after enrolling at Oxy. The Office of Financial Aid will let individual students know if they are eligible for other institutional scholarships that have been made available.

How are the Offices of Financial Aid and Student Business Services different? What types of questions would each address? 

The Office of Financial Aid can answer questions regarding financial aid applications, aid amounts and missing requirements for financial aid processing.  Student Business Services issues the college bill and can clarify questions related to billing and charges on student accounts.

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