Student Health Insurance

Health Insurance for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Students must actively waive the health insurance every year *waivers from previous years do not roll over*

Important information about your health insurance in regards to COVID-19

Student health insurance is a full service PPO plan that can be used by medical providers who are in network with united healthcare. Providers who do not accept United Health will accept UHCSR insurance at out-of-network rates.

Insurance can be utilized anywhere in the US. Internationally, insurance can be used via reimbursement for services. Patients must call the insurance company before they go to the doctor to authorize the visit (if possible), or soon after to make them aware of the visit and the upcoming reimbursement request. Patients must retain all medical documents and receipts for services.

Finding An In-Network Provider 

We suggest that students who have waived the Oxy insurance explore the local network of providers covered by their plan. Student Health Insurance through United Healthcare is a Preferred Provider Option Plan (PPO). Students may see any provider with this plan, but will receive higher reimbursement rates by seeing an in-network provider. Please keep in mind that all preventative healthcare services must be performed by an in-network provider in order to be covered by the insurance company. You can use the link below to find an in-network provider and, if you are having difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact Emmons Wellness Center at (323) 259-2657 for a referral to a local physician.

To search medical providers, visit UHC Options PPO.

For mental health providers, visit United Behavioral Health.