Bringing a speaker or artist to campus? Here is one potential source of funding to help make that happen.

The Remsen Bird Fund is designed for programming that will enhance the educational experience of Oxy students and is targeted at bringing prominent people from off campus to engage our community.  Please consider bringing local artists, scientists, activists, authors, and political figures who might spend a day or two on campus participating in a variety of events that will benefit Occidental students. We encourage you to hold social events associated with your speaker or event.

Making Your Request Count

If you want to have the best chance of getting your money, here are some things to consider.  Remember, you are basically writing a grant.

  • Provide detailed information about who you want to bring.  An internet bio is a great start, but the more details, the better.
  • What is this person going to do on campus?  How long will s/he be here?  How many times will s/he speak?
  • Get specific with your plan for publicity.  If you want "free" money for your event, you need to show that you've thought about making sure people attend the event.
  • Present a detailed and accurate budget.  Don't just guess at how much things will cost, make sure you've done your research.  Include all of the sources of funding that you are approaching as well.

Submit Your Paperwork

SLICE accepts applications on a rolling basis. Application for Remsen Bird Funds must be turned in to SLICE at least 3 weeks before your event for consideration.