Involvement Fair

Students at the Oxy Involvement Fair

The Involvement Fair is a long-standing tradition at Oxy. This spring, we're going virtual on Thursday, February 4 from 11 am to 2 pm PST.

This event is an opportunity for clubs and organizations to share information and engage with students who are interested in getting involved. Visit the different orgs, meet new people, or reconnect with folx you haven't seen since last semester.

Just click on any of the iFair Club Tabs for a direct link to their Zoom room. Jump in and out, visiting as many rooms as you want from 11 am to 2 pm PST.

The Involvement Fair can give you a sense of who does what on campus and what the coming semester has to offer. It's the best place for you to comprehensively explore different options for getting involved on campus.

2 Paws Up Sketch Comedy

Oxy's only sketch comedy group. We have put up performances, filmed sketches, parodied songs, participated in festivals, and more! Writers, actors, filmmakers, tech people, producers, CREATIVES welcome! No experience needed! CLICK HERE for more information.

AATP: Asian American Tutorial Project

We are an intercollegiate club that goes to Castelar Elementary School in Chinatown. Our goal is to close the gap between first generation or ESL students. Despite the name, Asian American, we have tutor(ee)s of diverse backgrounds. This semester, we seek to continue to connect with Castelar in creative ways to facilitate learning! CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Claire Seo at

Active Minds

Here at Oxy, our club hosts meetings that focus on a variety of mental-health related issues, ranging from eating disorders to self-care workshops to gender and mental health. We also collaborate with other student organizations and administrative offices to host larger events, such as professionally-led workshops and lectures, story-sharing events, and even open mic performances. We also work with the Oxy administration to improve mental health services offered on campus. Our club's mission is to:

  1. Increase awareness about issues surrounding mental health, symptoms related to mental health disorders and mental health resources available both on campus and in the surrounding community
  2. Remove stigma surrounding mental health disorders so that students will feel more comfortable openly discussing mental-health related issues and seeking help when it is needed
  3. Promote a general awareness of holistic health by emphasizing care of both body and mind
  4. Provide students with easy access to information about mental health disorders
  5. Serve as a liaison between the student body and the mental health community by holding campus-wide activities such as hosting guest speakers, providing informational fact sheets, organizing fundraisers and running national Active Minds programs designed to reduce stigma and raise mental health awareness
  6. Provide a forum for building an open environment for all students to speak up about mental health
  7. Work toward the recognition and elimination of prejudice and discrimination, especially those that have traditionally impinged upon culturally competent mental health services
  8. Offer each and every student support in managing their own mental well-being

We invite any interested student, faculty or staff member to reach out to us to learn more, get involved, or offer suggestions/support. CLICK HERE for more information.

Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha Sorority

We are local sorority dedicated to supporting womxn both within and outside the Oxy community. Our commitment to service is demonstrated through our partnership with Planned Parenthood with whom we fundraiser for and volunteer with. To learn more about our organization and current members please check out our website for more information.

Armenian Students Association

Armenian Students Association is a cultural and national organization that strives to promote cultural diversity at Oxy through teaching others about the culture of the Armenian minority and by having a space for those who identify as Armenian to come together. CLICK HERE for more information.

ASOC Diversity and Equity Board (DEB)

The Diversity and Equity Board is a branch of the Associated Students of Occidental College (ASOC) that aims to support those belonging to structurally marginalized groups in our community. The purpose of the Board, which we intend to uphold in the virtual Fall 2020 semester, is to support student-, staff-, and faculty-led initiatives that foster a campus climate of inclusivity through intersectionality. For more information about DEB, our impact, and our history, please visit our website. CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Nathan Tam at

ASOC Senate

Senate exists to empower student advocates for all members of the Oxy community - including the most marginalized. Senate supports students and their planned activities, allocates and administers funding from the student body fees, oversees Student Services, and serves as the legislative body of the ASOC. Weekly Meeting Times at 6-8 pm PDT on Zoom (beginning after fall elections). CLICK HERE for more information.


Azúcar is Occidental's first and only Latin dance performance team. We are specialized in street style salsa, bachata, merengue, and reggaeton! CLICK HERE for more information.

Biology Club

Biology club hosts events for students to learn more about the biology department, meet other biology students, share opportunities, and celebrate all things biology.
CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Leeza Lu at

Black Student Alliance

The mission of the Black Student Alliance (BSA) is to enrich the experience of Black students on Occidental's campus, especially given the institution's historical and current reality of being a Predominately White Institution (PWI). CLICK HERE for more information.

Boundless Brilliance

Boundless Brilliance is a non-profit organization with multiple college chapters that seeks to educate, empower and engage students in order to close the gender gap in STEM fields. We do this by providing presentations to elementary school students (which will be done virtually this semester) where we engage in discussion surrounding an empowering theme and do a live science experiment demonstration. We also have teams working on fundraising, event planning, outreach, and research. Overall, we provide a community of scientists seeking to increase the diversity of STEM fields. CLICK HERE for more information.

Challah for Hunger

We are Occidental's chapter of Challah for Hunger.  We welcome students from all denominations to come bake bread for a difference with us.  After our bake we sell the challahs to raise funds for fighting food insecurity.  If you like baking and want to work to make a difference, than this is the club for you. CLICK HERE for more information.

Club Volleyball 

We compete in the Southern California Collegiate Volleyball League (SCCVL) in the spring semester of 2020. Our team plays in one of the lower divisions to start, against schools like USC, UC Santa Barbra, LMU among others. We practice twice a week for 2 hours per practice in Rush Gymnasium. The practice times are variable due to scheduling around the varsity sports and the schedules of all the girls on the team. Previous volleyball experience is preferable, but not necessary. Please join! CLICK HERE for more information.


Coding&&Community has the goal of making computer science education more accessible to underrepresented minority students. We work with NPP(Neighborhood Partnership Program) to teach weekly computer science lessons to local middle school students. 

華心 · CSA 

The Chinese Student Association (CSA) at Occidental College aims to provide a community for students with Chinese ancestry, as well as to educate, celebrate, and explore the complexities of Chinese experiences. We welcome all students, regardless of ethnicity, who have an interest in Chinese culture to our club's events. CLICK HERE for more information.

Dance Production

Dance Production is a student-led, student-choreographed, and student-danced organization open to all students of any experience level and all dance styles. Join the largest student-run organization on campus! CLICK HERE for more information.

Delta Omicron Tau

Delta Omicron Tau was founded in 1901 as a society of women in which social gatherings and friendships were central. As Delta has grown, we have expanded to incorporate scholarship, community service, and leadership as part of our organizations. With approximately 30 members today, Deltas are very active on the Occidental campus, and strive to maintain the values of our founders 113 years ago. Our crest's shield shape symbolizes our ideals of love, loyalty, and understanding. The tiger represents our loyalty to the spirit of Occidental, and the three leafed clover signifies our growth into our three ideals. The seven circles on the crest represent Delta's Pearls, or key values, of Wisdom, Tolerance, Integrity, Compassion, Peace, Joy, and Love.

We continue to honor these qualities within our members at weekly meeting, recognizing Delta's founding values as our own. As a local sorority, Delta relies upon current members and alumni to keep our traditions and values intact. As we grow and change, our strong alumni network provides the stability and perspective such that we continue to be a vibrant, active organization today. Delta proudly owns and maintains a beautiful house that is home to 10 members, that provides an essential meeting and gathering place for the chapter. The Delta House is a place for members to live together and to study together, to have social gatherings and to come together as a strong and active chapter. CLICK HERE for more information.

Detox | Men's Frisbee

You can say a lot of things about Detox. We're an ultimate frisbee team. We were the second highest ranked DIII frisbee team in the country until Covid hit. We've got beautiful jerseys and at least moderately attractive faces and we're humble. 

All of these only scratch the surface, though. If you spend a few days (or even just a poorly attended practice on Saturday morning) with the team, you’ll get to know a really close group of people from really distant places. And not just “Washington.” Some of us played soccer, basketball, or lacrosse in high school. Some of us just played video games. What unites us all is the utter joy of chasing a plastic disc around a green field. CLICK HERE for more information.

Economics Student Association

The Economics Student Association works to provide programming to connect students in Economics classes with faculty, alumni, and each other to foster a supportive community within the department. CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Emma Pond at


Fantastiprov is Occidental College's one and only improv troupe. Performing their own special brand of comedy Fantastiprov will knock your socks off! CLICK HERE for more information.


FEAST is Occidental's student service dedicated to enjoying, studying, and discussing the connection between our food and the environment. FEAST hosts events, workshops, and other sustainability initiatives around campus in order to provide resources, education, and support for the Oxy/Eagle Rock community. CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Sarah Yi at

First Gen Club

The First Gen Club was created by first generation students for first generation students to provide them with academic and social support. The Club aims to promote a welcoming and inclusive environment for first generation students to share their experiences, connect with each other, and create a peer support system. In collaboration with College departments, the Club informs students about and facilitates the recipiency of resources through workshops and information sessions to aid in student success. CLICK HERE for more information.

Foodies of Oxy

We are a club which seeks to embrace Los Angeles’ diverse food culture at Occidental College in order to build a more inclusive community, as well as learn the basic fundamentals of cooking healthy and delicious food. CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Wesley Hsiao at

Geology Club

A club that unites those with interest, passion, or appreciation for geology and our Earth. CLICK HERE for more information.

Global Medical Mission Alliance

GMMA is a big organization that works with colleges to spread the word of God through spreading His healing hands. You will have the opportunity to travel to different countries and work with medical staff to help people physically, mentally, and spiritually. Not only will you have the opportunity to go on missions, but also through this organization, we will have professionals come speak to us about their field of work and how they are actively spreading the word of God in their line of work. CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Nicholas Ahn at

Habitat for Humanity

The Occidental College Habitat for Humanity will work with a local affiliate, specifically in San Gabriel Valley, to carry out the mission and principles of Habitat for Humanity.

Mission statement: Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

The Occidental College Habitat for Humanity club will focus on:

  1. Educating club members, other students, and the local community on Habitat for Humanity’s work and mission 
  2. Building and rehabilitating houses in partnership with Habitat for Humanity
  3. Raising funds for Habitat for Humanity

CLICK HERE for more information.

Hawaii Club

Occidental College Hawaii Club is a cultural and community club on campus. Our mission is to educate students and Oxy community members about Hawaiian culture and local life in Hawaii and to create a space for students from Hawaii at Oxy.

Join us in spreading aloha (love) around campus! CLICK HERE for more information.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a community of students following Jesus and growing in love for God together. This semester we will continue to study the Bible, pray, worship and serve through virtual small group Bible studies. Join us in our mission to know God, serve people, and lead all to Jesus, together! CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Jo Kim at

Japanese Cultural Organization

JCO celebrates Japanese culture by holding various events throughout the year. During this virtual semester, we are striving to hold as many events/activities as possible that are similar to on-campus events. For example, we will hold a Language Table Zoom when students can practice their Japanese skills. Any student interested in learning more about the culture is encouraged to join! CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Kendall Kitahara at

Japanese Popular Culture Research Society

We are dedicated to expanding our understanding of Japanese popular culture, including but not limited to anime, manga, visual novels, Japanese games, and idols. We welcome anyone with an appreciation or interest in Japanese popular culture. CLICK HERE for more information.

Korean American Student Association

The Korean American Student Association of Occidental College serves to introduce and promote Korean culture to the entire student body. Through social, cultural and political events, we strive to create a welcoming and tight-knit community. Our purpose is to form long lasting connections, exemplify a strong positive presence in the community, and spread cultural awareness. CLICK HERE for more information.

Latinx Student Union

Latinx Student Union (LSU) is a club that aims to promote awareness and celebrate the multitude of Latinx identities along multiple intersections of identity as well as a focus on dismantling anti-blackness, anti-queer, anti-indigenous, patriarchal ideas, and other systems of power within the Latinx community. CLICK HERE for more information.

Multicultural Club

Multi is a club dedicated to creating a space on campus for multiracial and multiethnic students to discuss their experiences and build community. A typical meeting can include anything from playing games, watching a show, or just hanging out and having conversations. Multi is a space that gives students who identify as multicultural a chance to build community with each other. CLICK HERE for more information.

Muslim Student Assocation

This club is a safe space for muslim students and those interested in Islam to come together. 

Newman Catholic Community

Welcome to Occidental Newman! We are a welcoming Catholic community committed to creating a space for faith on campus. Celebrate with us! CLICK HERE for more information.

Occidental College Hillel

We are the religious Jewish student group on campus. We host Shabbat Events, High Holiday events, speakers, and so much more! CLICK HERE for more information.

Occidental Dance Team

Occidental Dance Team is a group of auditioned dancers that represent the College at sporting games and events. We typically perform at football, soccer, and basketball games throughout the year as well as other events hosted by student organizations. We perform a variety of styles including jazz, pom, hip hop, and contemporary! ODT holds auditions at the beginning of each semester; we encourage everyone to join our dance family no matter your level of experience! CLICK HERE for more information.

Occidental Democrats

We are the Democratic club on campus. Join us to phone bank for candidates, help get people registered to vote, and engage in some political conversations. Whether you are a political super nerd or barely know anything about the political system, we would love to have you join our club. CLICK HERE for more information.

Occidental Law Society

Law Society consists of a Mock Trial and Moot Court team that compete nationally with other academic institutions, as well as a LSAT prep group that helps students study for the LSAT. As well as these two teams and study group, OLS provides the student body with different speakers that expands their knowledge regarding careers in the legal field and the law school admissions process. CLICK HERE for more information.

Occidental Model United Nations

Our club in short will be Occidental's first official Model United Nations team. Model UN is an extracurricular activity in which students simulate situations as delegates in the UN. Usually students compete against other schools in the area and internationally.

oSTEM (Out in STEM) Club

The Occidental out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (oSTEM) club is a student organization that hopes to create a supportive community of LGBTQ+ scientists on campus. Through mentorship, collaboration, and community building we hope to encourage everyone to feel comfortable and confident in our fields. CLICK HERE for more information.

Oxy Design Service (ODS)

Let us design for you!

Oxy Design Service is the premiere graphic design service at Occidental College. If you have an event you are hosting, a fundraising you are running, a speaker presenting, or a movie showing, let us help you spread the word! We design for free for student clubs and organizations and take on administrative job requests for a small fee. Our designers can help put your visions on posters, flyers, brochures, logos, t-shirts, the JSC TV screen, and more! See the gallery below for some examples of our design work. CLICK HERE for more information.

Oxy Financial Literacy Club

The goal of our clubs it to bring in speakers and facilitating student-led workshops to help college students become financially independent and take control of their financial situation as they transition out of college.

Oxy.GG - Oxy Gaming Guild is a Social, Competitive and Recreational Community for all sorts of Gaming, we host events such as mixers, play sessions, watch parties and competitions as well as offer a platform to meet and play with people on campus with similar hobbies. During this virtual semester, we plan on providing and moderating an online space where you can play all sorts of games with members throughout the club, as well as a number of social and competitive events. CLICK HERE for more information.

Oxy Mens Rugby

We are the Blackshirts, Oxy's Mens Rugby / football club. CLICK HERE for more information.

Oxy Open Source

Oxy Open Source is Oxy's computer science club. We host weekly Workspaces (dates/times to be announced soon) where students come together to work on CS projects and coursework. Workspace is a great opportunity to make connections with other CS students and get help from tutors and peers. Additionally, we also host events (workshops, speaker + social events), bring attention to open sourced student projects, and voice student input in CS department meetings. To contact us, please reach out to or join our Slack! CLICK HERE for more information.

Oxy Skin

Passionate about skincare? Wanna learn more about what you're putting on your face? Don't know where to start? Oxy Skin is a skincare club that welcomes anyone who is interested in learning more about skincare. Regardless of experience level, skin type, gender or skin color, Oxy Skin is a place to help you learn more about skincare ingredients, products, and hacks that will help you get the glo up you want. CLICK HERE for more information.

Oxy Sneaker Service

Oxy Sneaker Service is an on-campus business dedicated to maintaining sneakers, whether they're old favorites or new purchases. We offer a variety of services including cleanings with supplies specially selected for specific shoes, oil treatments to preserve delicate materials like suede or nubuck, and hydrophobic spray treatments that reduce the chance of permanent stains. Starting this year, Oxy Sneaker Service will donate 50% of profits to charities that empower Black communities. We would love to hear your input on which charities to consider! CLICK HERE for more information.

Peer Health Exchange

Peer Health Exchange is a National Organization that works with local colleges to recruit and train their student volunteers to be health educators in the classroom. As slightly older peers, PHE's health educators are well-positioned to lead honest conversations about high school students’ choices and health. PHE will be utilizing virtual tools to conduct workshops this semester, and we are looking for volunteers to do so! Come by to hear more about the role and the organization! CLICK HERE for more information.

Periodic Baking

We combine a love of baking and a love of chemistry. Join the Oxy baking community! CLICK HERE for more information.

Planned Parenthood Club

Planned Parenthood Club is dedicated to raising support and awareness around reproductive justice and providing sexual health programming, education, and resources to students at Occidental College. The goal is to create a movement of young people across identities and issues that will fight to achieve reproductive freedom and who are well informed on issues of sex and sexuality. CLICK HERE for more information.

Pre-Health Student Association

Occidental College's Pre-Health Student Association (PHSA) serves to create a supportive community to pre-health students and to help provide the necessary tools to confidently and independently seek out advice, guidance, or assistance from other resources both on and off campus. In addition, PHSA works closely with Oxy's Office of Pre-Health Advising (OPHA) to help guide students towards pursuing a health graduate program. CLICK HERE for more information.

Project SAFE

The mission of Project for a Sexual Assault-Free Environment (Project S.A.F.E.) is to end sexual violence and to build healthier relationships on the Occidental campus.

We support this mission by providing culturally competent and inclusive prevention education programs. We also provide advocacy, resources and support services for survivors/victims of sexual and relationship violence, including sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking and sexual harassment. CLICK HERE for more information.


PULSE is dance community which provides FREE weekly dance classes of all styles and levels (hip-hop, contemporary, jazz-funk, bhangra fusion, heels, bachata, you name it!) Classes are taught by peers and intend to offer a safe, respectful, and stress-free space that encourages movement and community. CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Nicole Yim at

PUSO (Pilipino United Students Organization)

PUSO is Oxy's Filipino club. We welcome everyone to learn more about our Filipino heritage! Through various inter-club events such as mixers, art nights, and night markets, we explore the love we have for our culture through food, dance, fundraisers and more. We aim to enrich Oxy's campus by uplifting POC voices and to do the same with the rich Filipino culture of Eagle Rock. CLICK HERE for more information.

Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA)

SAGA is a community for queer and trans students on Occidental College's campus that provides a space for support, dialogue, and organization. We are constantly trying to provide workshops and events that cater to the LGBTQ+ community at Oxy and would love to meet more students! CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Sandy Nguyen at

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. 

We are the Epsilon Gamma chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. Our sorority is the only active multicultural focused greek org. at Oxy and welcomes all genders, except for self-identifying men. Our sxsterhood upholds that "Culture is Pride, Pride is Success!" Visit us to learn more information and even gain academic/career advice from our sxsters! CLICK HERE for more information.

South Asian Student Association (SASA)

The South Asian Student Association or SASA is a student run group that creates a space on campus for students of the South Asian Diaspora to come together. We usually meet once a week to decompress and hang out with our peers but we also hold teach-ins about the South Asian community as well as hold annual events such as Diwali and Holi for the whole campus to come and enjoy. Due to the nature of remote-learning and gathering we'll see how our community wants to hold space this semester and make plans accordingly. Hope to see you all soon :) CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Passcode: V3MBnW

Students for Justice in Palestine

SJP is a student-led group at Occidental College dedicated to promoting human rights, liberation, justice and self- determination for the Palestinian People. Our organizing committee takes on a horizontal structure to emphasize equity, collaboration, and flexibility in our work. Our programming centers around four goals (education, cultural appreciation, solidarity & collaboration, and divestment), and includes hosting workshops, speakers, teach-ins, documentary viewings, and cultural celebrations. CLICK HERE for more information.

Students of Kinesiology

The mission of the Kinesiology Ambassadors is to help ensure the growth of the department as a rigorous yet supportive major that prepares students for any pre-health or graduate program. We value the diversity, curiosity, and commitment of prospective students to apply the knowledge of the human body to various passions, aspirations, and futures. As Ambassadors, we will be the bridge between students and faculty so that every student feels confident in their pursuit of a Kinesiology degree and future endeavors. CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Vivian Sun at

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

SSDP is a student led organization dedicated to ending the War on Drugs by raising awareness about the negative impact of drug misuse and perverse drug policies in our communities. We aim to achieve this by encouraging safer drug practices through honest research-based drug education and advocating for drug policies that are grounded in science, compassion, health, and human rights. CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Baruch Goodman at

Sunrise Movement at Oxy

We are the Oxy hub for the Sunrise Movement, working to stop the climate crisis and enact racial and economic equality through a Green New Deal! CLICK HERE for more information.

The Occidental newspaper

The Occidental is the student-run newspaper at Occidental College reporting on campus news, the NELA community, as well as publishing a variety of opinions, columns and letters to the editor from the campus community. 

Join our team! We are currently hiring for paid positions as writers, photographers, illustrators, videographers and other management roles (work study and non-work study jobs available). Apply on our website ( under hiring, email us with any questions ( and come talk to some of our editors at the Involvement fair! CLICK HERE for more information.

The Renewable Energy and Sustainability Fund

The ASOC Renewable Energy & Sustainability Fund (RESF) was established by students in 2007 to fund projects and lead initiatives that make Occidental a more sustainable and environmentally just community. We are one of the four branches of Occidental's student government (ASOC). CLICK HERE for more information.

Transfer Student Union

The Oxy Transfer Student Union is a space to build community with the classes of transfers, as well as advocate for change within college and admissions policy that will benefit transfer students. CLICK HERE for more information.

Women Inspiring iNner Kindness (WINK)

WINK is a club for people who identify as women or non-binary to come together and talk about mental health in an open and supportive environment. Our main events are our weekly hour long meetings, where there is a topic of discussion (previous topics have included body image, self-care, school stress, setting boundaries, family stress, and the list goes on). These meetings include talking prompts for the larger group as well as smaller discussions and one-on-ones. We often do a craft, and we usually have a time at the end of the meeting for members to ask for advice on an issue they may be having and receive support. We have also previously had some social retreats with our members, and you may know us through our positive thought notes on the bathroom mirrors during finals weeks! We look forward to seeing what our club can do through zoom meetings this year, and we especially welcome new students to our community, as we all have experienced how starting college can hard emotionally. CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contact: Rachel Eaton at

Women of Economics

Past the 100-level classes, there is a significant gender gap in the economics major. The Women of Economics club is dedicated to supporting and providing a safe space for female econ students in a male-dominated field. A big part of our club is the mentor/mentee program where we pair first year and sophomore female econ majors with a junior or senior major based on similar interests. We will also use Zoom to host alumni panels, research/internship panels, study hours, and talking circles. We will also collaborate with the Economics Student Association to host our student-faculty mixer on Zoom. Overall, our mission is to help female econ majors navigate through a male-dominated field through providing resources, support, and a safe space. This semester we will also focus on helping econ students stay connected with each other, faculty, and alumni. CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Zoom link coming soon!
  • Contacts: Eva Ma and Kayla Hreczuck at

Women's Ultimate Frisbee (WAC)

WAC is a group of dedicated frisbee players who enjoy tossing plastic, winning the DIII SW division, and hyping each other up on the dance floor. Our team is open to all experience levels and we hope you join us for virtual workouts and events this fall! CLICK HERE for more information.

Womxn's Rugby

This team is a great way to be introduced to the game of rugby and to have fun with a bunch of super cool womxn. We will not be having practices this semester, but we still hope to share "Top Rugby Hits" clips and stay fit together. No experience needed (to work out nor to eventually play rugby). Stop by to get to know our group a little more! CLICK HERE for more information.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers students from all disciplines two types of support to work on their writing: peer-to-peer, drop-in consultations with knowledgeable Writing Advisers and appointments with Faculty Writing Specialists from the Writing and Rhetoric department. CLICK HERE for more information.

WYSE - Women and Youth Supporting Each Other

We are all about mentorship and girl empowerment! We lead weekly in-depth discussions and group activities for 6th-8th grade girls at CALS Middle School to provide social and emotional tools necessary to navigate important life decisions confidently. CLICK HERE for more information.

Zeta Tau Zeta

Zeta Tau Zeta is Oxy's only gender-neutral Greek organization. Established in 1926 as a sorority, we maintain the values of loyalty and friendship, and continue to devote ourselves to service and advocacy. CLICK HERE for more information.

Thanks so much for visiting with our student leaders! If you have any questions or need addtional support, please email