Occidental College Club Sports

Club Sports are recognized as a valuable part of the educational experience at Oxy.

A Club Sport is defined as any Occidental College athletic organization recognized by SLICE and the Athletics Department that participates in an intercollegiate competition. Sports that have existing intercollegiate teams will not be represented as a Club Sport. Club Sports are run with a minimum of faculty/staff supervision and provide a competitive outlet for students in a setting that is less formal. In addition to providing athletic opportunities for students, Club Sports also provide leadership opportunities and give students valuable experience in structuring and running an organization. If you are interested in learning more, please contact:

Oxy Dance Team
Womyn's Rugby Club
Men's Rugby Club
Men's Ultimate Detox
WAC Ultimate
Men's Lacrosse Club
Oxy Gaming Guild

To review the requirements to be a Club Sports, please refer to the Student Org Handbook.