Event Resources

Take the time to review the available resources below to help you work out all of your event details.

Facilities Services & Supplies

Late Fees for Events

Due to large amounts of requests for all kinds of events on campus, Facilities Management has implemented a fee structure to ensure that last-minute changes don't impact campus resources. These fees are intended to encourage timely event planning and discourage last-minute changes.

  • If an Event Services Form is submitted within 10 days of your event, the host will incur a $100 late fee for any Facilities equipment/deliveries. 
  • If you make any changes to your work order (request form) the same day as your event, the host  will incur a $50 fee. 
  • If you cancel your work order (request form) within 24 hours of your event, the host  will incur a $50 late fee. 
Services that Facilities Offers
  • Heating/Air Conditioning turned on
  • Custodial support ($250)
  • Cleaning (interior)
  • Sprinklers off
  • Electrical setup (for major events)
  • Blow, mow, prep, pickup trash (Grounds - exterior)
  • Portable restrooms
  • Hanging of banners, flags, etc.
Supplies Available through Facilities (subject to availability)
Items free of charge
Item Quantity
  • Metal (40)
  • Candle stick plastic stanchions
  • White plastic A-frame
Items for a fee
Item Quantity Cost
White padded chairs 200 $0.85 each
White mesh chairs 200 $0.85 each
Grey metal chairs 432 $0.25 each
60" Round tables 42 $4.75 each
6' Rectangular tables 75 $2.00 each
Cocktail tables 30" 6 $5.00 each
10 x 10 Canopy 4 $25.00 each
10 x 10 Pop-up Canopy
(Only M-F during business hours) 
2 $15.00 each

2 x 2 Charcoal BBQ
(includes fire extinguisher)

7 $10.00 each
3 x 5 Charcoal BBQ
(includes fire extinguisher) 
1 $50 returned cleaned
$100 returned dirty 
Extension cords - 25 ft. 6 $1.00 each
Extension cords - 50 ft. 3 $1.50 each
Extension cords - 100 ft. 3

$2.00 each

Sign Standards 65 $2.00 each
Trash can w/ liner 39 $2.00 each
Recycle bin w/ liner 20 $2.00 each
Fire Extinguisher 17 $3.00 each
Easels (large or small) 4 $2.00 each
Portable lights 6 $20.00 each
Coat Rack 2 $2.00 each
Ear plug Station 1 $20.00 each
Podium 7 $2.00 each
Campus Dining

Campus Dining provides catering and hospitality services to the campus for events. Items that can be requested include:

  • Food (lunches, fruit platters, cookies etc.)
  • Table linens (for rectangular, round, and cocktail tables)
  • Water, ice and beverages
  • Chafing dishes and other catering utensils

Requests for catering and/or items need to be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. A SLICE Program Coordinator can help you with the request.