Event Resources

Need tables and chairs? Need a speaker system? Want water at your event or table cloths? Want to know room capacities? Take the time to review the available resources below to help you work out all the details.

Facilities Services & Supplies

Late Fees for Events

Due to large amounts of requests for all kinds of events on campus, Facilities Management has implemented a fee structure to ensure that last-minute changes don't impact campus resources. These fees are intended to encourage timely event planning and discourage last-minute changes.

If an Event Services Form is submitted within 10 days of your event, the host will incur a $100 late fee for any Facilities equipment/deliveries. 
If you make any changes to your work order (request form) the same day as your event, the host  will incur a $50 fee. 
If you cancel your work order (request form) within 24 hours of your event, the host  will incur a $50 late fee. 


Services that Facilities Offers

  • Heating/Air Conditioning turned on
  • Custodial support ($250)
  • Cleaning (interior)
  • Sprinklers off
  • Electrical setup (for major events)
  • Blow, mow, prep, pickup trash (Grounds - exterior)
  • Portable restrooms
  • Hanging of banners, flags, etc.

Supplies Available through Facilities (subject to availability)

Items free of charge
Item Quantity
  • Metal (40)
  • Candle stick plastic stanchions
  • White plastic A-frame
Items for a fee
Item Quantity Cost
White padded chairs 200 $0.85 each
White mesh chairs 200 $0.85 each
Grey metal chairs 432 $0.25 each
60" Round tables 42 $4.75 each
6' Rectangular tables 75 $2.00 each
Cocktail tables 30" 6 $5.00 each
10 x 10 Canopy 4 $25.00 each
10 x 10 Pop-up Canopy
(Only M-F during business hours) 
2 $15.00 each

2 x 2 Charcoal BBQ
(includes fire extinguisher)

7 $10.00 each
3 x 5 Charcoal BBQ
(includes fire extinguisher) 
1 $50 returned cleaned
$100 returned dirty 
Extension cords - 25 ft. 6 $1.00 each
Extension cords - 50 ft. 3 $1.50 each
Extension cords - 100 ft. 3

$2.00 each

Sign Standards 65 $2.00 each
Trash can w/ liner 39 $2.00 each
Recycle bin w/ liner 20 $2.00 each
Fire Extinguisher 17 $3.00 each
Easels (large or small) 4 $2.00 each
Portable lights 6 $20.00 each
Coat Rack 2 $2.00 each
Ear plug Station 1 $20.00 each
Podium 7 $2.00 each

Audio/Visual Inventory

Here is a list of the different items available for events. These items are reserved through Media Services and picked up at the library.

  • Laptops (PC or Mac)
  • Mac adaptors
  • Digital still cameras
  • Digital audio recorders
  • Flip cameras
  • Mini DV cameras
  • Tripods (adjustable, 20" to 56")
  • Digital projectors
  • Projection screens (50" diagonal)
  • Wireless presenter
  • CD/DVD Player
  • Sound system (includes microphone, amp, speakers)
  • Telecommunications system (conference phone)
  • USB cables
  • iPod cables
  • Ethernet cables
  • Mouse/Mouses/Mice/Meeses
  • Power strips
  • Extension cords

Campus Dining

Campus Dining provides catering and hospitality services to the campus for events. Items that can be requested include:

  • Food (lunches, fruit platters, cookies etc.)
  • Table linens (for rectangular, round, and cocktail tables)
  • Water, ice and beverages
  • Chafing dishes and other catering utensils

Requests for catering and/or items need to be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. A SLICE Programming Assistant can help you with the request.

Room Capacities

Here is some basic information about some of the spaces on campus that you can reserve for a lecture or speaker. This is only a reference and is subject to change.