Oxy is the only liberal arts college in Los Angeles, one of the most dynamic metropolitan environments in the world, and a place where the world’s opportunities and challenges are played out on a daily basis.

Diverse backgrounds, interests, and ideas are welcome on our campus, and acquaintance with other cultures is the norm.  

Our faculty develop close working relationships with their students, and the dyad between teacher and student is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to making the fruits of a first-class education available not just to the privileged few, but to the talented many. 

Our students analyze and synthesize complex material, develop new ideas, take risks, tolerate ambiguity, and write and communicate effectively. These habits of mind comprise the essence of an Occidental education, and they are the foundation not only for successful careers, but for successful lives. Oxy is a place where generations of young people are allowed to grow, develop their intellectual capacities and passions and prepare the foundation for their accomplishments and careers.

I hope to see you on campus!

Jonathan Veitch