Supporting Students Remotely

Whether Oxy students are on-campus or off, the ICC is at the ready to provide services, support and programming. Here’s how.

The Black Action Plan

The Black Action Plan (BAP) is an intentional response to the needs of the Black student community at Oxy. It seeks to create a synergy between the following areas through its partnerships and initiatives: a student's mental health and wellbeing, their sense of belonging at the college, and their connectedness to other Black community members, as well as to alumni and networks with similar professional interests. The BAP is intended to implement transformational change at the college through its tangible and aspirational goals, and takes into account various data points that illuminate the Black student voice.

Continued Commitment to Programming and Online Support

  • ICC Student Staff, otherwise known as Equity Ambassadors, have hosted Drop-In Hours for BIPOC First Years in Fall 2020 every Wedneday at 3-5pm and Thursday from 1-3pm. It has been a challenging year to build community, but our student staff want to connect with you until we can gather at the ICC again!
  • We offer online support spaces through events like Queerantine in which ICC Director Chris Arguedas and Office Supervisor Micol Garinkol facilitate a workshop to enhance connectedness and create space to cope with challenges specific to LGBTQIA+ identity. One-on-one meetings via phone or most online platforms are also available for students who feel more comfortable in that setting. Contact for a 1:1 appointment.
  • Continued services for and on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ community, including the Creating Safe Space training and launching a new Lived Name Policy, where students can identify their gender identity, pronouns and lived name in Oxy’s online. This training seeks to:
              -Create more understanding about the College's Lived Name Policy
              -Emphasize the importance of language when talking to or about folks who identify as trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming
              -Introduce practices to best support trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming community members
             -Share LGBTQ+ affirming resources and education, while connecting participants to each other
  • ICC is committed to the following programming areas: 365 seriesLavender Lounge and Belonging in the Academic Commons Fall 2020 (celebrating LatinX Heritage)