Regular Faculty

Emmanuelle Despagnet Ayoub

Emmanuelle Despagnet-Ayoub, Chair

Professor, Chemistry
B.S., Ecole Normale Superieure; M.S., Ph.D., Paul Sabatier University
Emanuelle Despagnet-Ayoub’s research interests lie in the development of transition-metal complexes for energy storage and polymerization; the photochemistry of aromatic compounds; and the activation of small molecules via electrochemical processes. Read her Oxy Story profile.
Jeff Cannon

Jeffrey Cannon

Associate Professor, Chemistry
B.A. Occidental College; Ph.D. University of California, Irvine
Jeff Cannon teaches Organic Chemistry and does research in organic synthesis and catalysis.
Professor Chris Craney

Chris Craney

Professor, Chemistry
B.S., University of Puget Sound; M.S., D.A., Washington State University
Chris Craney teaches physical chemistry I (kinetics) and biochemistry.
Michael Hill headshot

Michael Hill

Fletcher Jones Foundation Professor of Chemistry
B.A., Macalester College; Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Professor Hill teaches general chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and organometallic chemistry. Professor Hill’s Google-Scholar profile is linked here.
Professor Raul Navarro

Raul Navarro

Assistant Professor, Chemistry
B.S., Yale University; Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
Raul Navarro’s research focus lies in developing new transition metal-catalyzed reactions and applying them in the synthesis of biologically active natural products.
Professor Eileen Spain

Eileen Spain

Carl F. Braun Professor of Chemistry
B.S., Sonoma State University; Ph.D., University of Utah
Eileen Spain teaches physical chemistry II (quantum mechanics and spectroscopy) and nanochemistry.
Professor Andrew Udit

Andrew K. Udit

John Stauffer Professor of Chemistry
H.B.Sc., University of Toronto; Ph.D., Caltech
Andrew Udit’s research in Chemical Biology focuses on perturbing coagulation with virus nanoparticles, and catalysis using enzymes.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Sevada Chamras

Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry
B.S., University of California, Los Angeles; P.h.D, University of California, Santa Barbara
Doug Duquette headshot

Douglas Duquette

Resident Associate Professor, Chemistry
B.A., M.A., Harvard University; Ph.D., Caltech

Kellie Hsu

Visiting Instructor, Chemistry
A.B., Occidental College

Natalie Muren

Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry
B.A., Willamette University; Ph.D., California Institute of Technology

Sarah Murphy

Visiting Instructor, Chemistry
B.A., Pomona College; M.S., California Institute of Technology; Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (in progress)

John Phillips

Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry
B.S., University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison

Weidong Wang

Instrumentation Facilities Manager, Chemistry
B.S., from Jilin University; Ph.D., Rochester University

Anne Yu

Resident Senior Instructor, Chemistry
B.A, Pomona College; M.S., UCLA

Emeriti/ae Faculty

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