Diplomacy & World Affairs

Oxy’s nationally recognized Diplomacy & World Affairs (DWA) program takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of international relations.

DWA uses transnational perspectives and comparative politics to explore the connections between classical philosophic ideas, contemporary theory, empirical analysis and practical action. Majors have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in one or more of six key areas: diplomacy, identity (religion, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality), human rights, political economy, security and sustainability. You will be encouraged to take classes in the related disciplines of economics, history, politics, urban and environmental policy, and religious studies to supplement our core offerings. Substantial foreign language study is also required.

The department’s flagship program, the William and Elizabeth Kahane United Nations Program, provides up to 18 students each year with unique access to high-level internships with a variety of U.N. agencies and diplomatic missions while living and taking classes in New York City. Thanks to the department’s endowed John Parke Young Fund, you’ll have the opportunity to carry out your own independent research projects. In cooperation with the McKinnon Center for Global Affairs, our department also hosts a lively series of guest lectures, brown bags, films, documentaries, and the John Parke Young Distinguished Speaker Series. Get involved with DWAMA, the student arm of the DWA major at Oxy.

DWA graduates have a long and distinguished record of achievement with the U.S. Department of State and the Foreign Service, as well as the Peace Corps, the Agency for International Development (USAID), and other federal agencies. Others have pursued careers with the U.N. or one of its affiliated agencies, and with non-governmental organizations. The DWA major also prepares you for careers in international business and banking, law, journalism, and in academia.

Meet Our Faculty

What Our Graduates Are Doing

Client Advocate, Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office

Jaya Duckworth

Ph.D. program in political science, Ohio State University

Jack Fernandes

President, Museum of Chinese in America, NYC

Nancy Yao Maasbach

U.S. Department of State, Human Trafficking Office

Kyle Ballard

Ph.D. program in political economy, Yale University

Christina Seyfried

President, University of La Verne

Pardis Mahdavi

Foreign Service Officer, U.S. State Department

Matt Tompkins

Middle East Correspondent, The Washington Post

Kareem Fahim

Senior Global Advocacy Advisor, Mercy Corps

Madeline Rose
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