History Department Senior Comps

Event poster for History department senior comps presentations

History class of 2020's senior comprehensive project presentations.

Schedule and List of Presenters:

2:00   Welcome

2:05   Leah Harman, Manly Medicine: Masculinity in the 19th Century Debate on Puerperal Fever

2:20   Claire Pollard, How to Kill a Queen: Misogyny’s Deadly Effects on Elizabeth I and Mary of Scots

2:35   Maria Barkhurst, A Mechanism for Fundamental Cultural Change’: The Chicana Movement’s Use of the Law as a Tool of Resistance

2:50   Vinny Bartholomew, The Occupation of Japan: ‘The Blue-Eyed Shogun’ and Occupation Culture

3:05   Emily Jo Wharry, Student Club to Supreme Court: The Federalist Society's Origins on Law School Campuses

3:20   Josh Harris, More than a Game: Sports, Globalization and the Making of National Identity


3:35   Kevin Conroy, Constituting Workers Democracy, The Political Economy, and Everyday life At China’s Biggest Steel Mill In the Mao Era

3:50   Jiahui Yue, China within Soviet Influence, 1934 – 1949

4:05   Billy Grossman, Interest Groups Abroad: The Role of the Israel Lobby on American Foreign Policy in the 1970’s and 1980’s

4:20   Andrew Leffler, Algerians Against Algeria: The Harkis in the Colonial Quests to Identify

4:35   Alexander Klas, Fascism’s Final Hour: Italian Agency in the Republic of Salò

4:50   Gregory Kleinman, A New Millennium: Shifting Politics of Holocaust Memory in American Jewish Identities

5:05   Spencer Raub, Northern Loyalty Tests vs White Texas Pride: A Displaced Animosity

5:20   Kainan Short, Jesse James—From Guerilla to Gunfighter: The Conflation of The Confederate and The Outlaw in Film