History 490 Topics/Advisors

Each student will have a primary advisor who specializes in the student's research area. Below are faculty and their areas of specialty.

Professor Ball: Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century U.S. Cultural History

  • African American intellectual history

  • Gender and African American activism in the 19th and early 20th centuries

  • Gender, race, and popular culture

  • History of slavery and abolition in the U.S.

  • Race and American public memory

  • African American class formation

  • History of American fashion and beauty culture


Professor Day: Chinese and Modern East Asian History

  • Social, cultural, and intellectual history of East Asia

  • The Chinese revolution

  • Late imperial Chinese history

  • History of gender in China

  • Colonialism, Thirdworldism, and post-colonialism

  • East Asian protest movements

  • History of anarchist and communist movements


Professor Fett: Early North American/U.S. History

  • Slavery and abolition, U.S. South

  • African American history through 19th c.

  • Black Atlantic; transatlantic slave trade; Atlantic World (with emphasis on North America and Caribbean)

  • Health and healing, U.S. race, gender, and medicine

  • Nineteenth century print culture

  • Women’s history, colonial through 19th c.

  • Civil War & Reconstruction


Professor Gasper: Modern Middle Eastern History

  • Social, cultural and intellectual history of the Arab world

  • State and nation building in the Middle East

  • Late Ottoman history

  • Colonialism and post-colonialism

  • Nationalisms and Islamist ideology

  • Islamic modernism


Professor Gelbart: Early Modern European History

  • France and early modern Europe

  • European women’s history

  • History of science

  • History of medicine, panics and plagues

  • History as depicted in film


Professor Hong: Modern U.S. History

  • U.S. immigration 

  • Global America, U.S. in the world

  • U.S.-Asia relations

  • Race relations

  • Civil rights movements 

  • Asian American history


Professor Horowitz:  Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Early Modern European history

  • Documents in historical films and documentaries

  • Re-assessing European global encounters

  • Feminism & human rights

  • History of ideas & images

  • History of museums and collecting


Professor Puerto: Modern Latin America

  • Cultural and intellectual history of Latin America

  • Environmental history of the Americas

  • Comparative ethnic studies

  • History of medicine, health and the body

  • Latin American-U.S. relations

  • Twentieth century Mexico


Professor Sousa: Colonial and Modern Latin America

  • Colonial Latin America

  • Indigenous peoples in colonial and modern Mexico and the Andes

  • Latin American women’s history

  • African and Indian slavery in colonial Latin America

  • History of race in Latin America


Professor Stone: Modern Europe

  • Modern European history from the French Revolution to the present

  • Issues related to war, fascism, Nazism, and genocide

  • European cultural, intellectual, and social history

  • European revolutions and social movements

  • Italian history

  • History of film and the arts

  • The history of European social and political movements of both the left and the right