History Senior Comps Presentations

Event flyer for 2020 History Department senior comps presentations

Please join the History Department and the Class of 2021 History majors for senior comps oral presentations.

Schedule of Presentations

1:00 Welcome

1:05 Diego Lucich: Antisemitism and Argentina’s Class Conflict in the Early 20th Century

1:20 Catherine Lee: Chinese and Foreign Perspectives on the Chinese ‘Modern Woman’ in Early Republican Era China, 1912 – 1930

1:35 Hannah Huang: ‘Like the First Thunder in Spring’: Tracking the 1971 Baodiao Movement and the Politicization of Diasporic Chinese Nationalism

1:50 Philip Grimes: Murder for Hire: How President Nixon Coerced the Chilean Military Against its People

2:05 Mary Craggs: Los Pañuelos Blancos y Verdes: The Legacies of the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo in the Reproductive Rights Movement of Argentina

2:20 Maggie Rosen: The Pre-Iraq War Debate: News, Media, and Public Consciousness

2:35 Break

2:45 Tyler Melchisky: ‘Fight for Their Right’: Veterans and the Working-Class in 1940s Los Angeles

3:00 Esmé Epstein: Denouncing Il Duce: Two Views on the Italian Invasion of Ethiopia from 1935 – 1937

3:15 Brendan Kim: ‘Regret of the Times’: Censorship and the Cultural Construction of Nationalism in South Korea

3:30 Amy Lee: Playing the Blame Game: Reframing Koreagate within a South Korean Narrative

3:45 Bethany Widen: Young White Southern Women During the American Civil War: Confederate Identity Through the Expectation of a Future of Slave Ownership


Friends, family, and advisors, please join us for a very brief “after party” from 4:00 – 4:15 PM.