2021 logo for the Undergraduate Research Center's Summer Research Program

This summer, four History students conducted ten weeks of sponsored, original research as participants in the college's Summer Research Program. At the conclusion of the ten-week research program, students presented their research during an all-day virtual conference. Students are listed below along with their research topics and their History-faculty mentors. Their panel of presentations was moderated by Prof. Maryanne Horowitz.

Matt Chopp; Mentor: Sharla Fett
From The Federalist to The Examination: An Overview of Alexander Hamilton’s View of Executive Power

Gus Grunau; Mentor: Maryanne Horowitz
Examining Connections Between Conservation and Eugenics in the Rhetoric of Theodore Roosevelt

Rowan Hoffman; Mentor: Jane Hong
Protesting and Polarization: How Media Has Influenced Public Perception of Protests in The United States

Zhuogeng Li; Mentor: Alexander F. Day
Identities and Mobilization in 1911 Chinese Revolution: Sichuan As an Example

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