Kinesiology Ambassadors

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Kinesiology Ambassadors is to help ensure the growth of the department as a rigorous yet supportive major that prepares students for any pre-health or graduate program. We value the diversity, curiosity, and commitment of prospective students to apply the knowledge of the human body to various passions, aspirations, and futures. As Ambassadors, we will be the bridge between students and faculty so that every student feels confident in their pursuit of a Kinesiology degree and future endeavors.


●   Use peer-led initiatives to provide resources for fellow Kinesiology majors

●   Improve visibility of major on campus

●   Foster inclusive community among Kinesiology majors and minors

●   Share student perspectives regarding the Kinesiology department

●   Provide advising for underclassmen and potential kinesiology majors

Ambassador Organized Projects:

●      Advising Sessions for class registration

●      Departmental Health Panels

●      Field Trip to Body Worlds

●      Study room office hours during finals

●      Student and Faculty Socials

●      T-Shirt Sales

●      Stickers

●      Study Abroad Panel

Meet our current ambassadors:

Class of 2019

InvolvementsVarsity Track and Field, Apiros Movement Specialist

Reasons for choosing kinesiology: Throughout high school, I had always been interested in how the body moves, and when I started helping train and coach athletes on my track team, I realized how much wanted to discover more in this field. My junior year, a cascade of events led me deeper into sports movement/trainingand it became very clear that wanted to spend the rest of my life involved with athletics performance optimizationThe Kinesiology major has a variety of classes surrounding movement, and the professors in the department have made the experience better than I could have hoped!

Favorite thing about the department: The department feels more like a fun family than a typical work environment, while still being focused and supportive of learning. I can't count the amount of unexpected amazing conversations (about Kines or other cool things) I've had with the professors!


Class of 2019

Involvements: Varsity Women's Soccer, Women's Tennis, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Peer Subject Advisor

Reasons for choosing kinesiology: While biology was the fundamental base for most of the human body, I found I understood those concepts much better when applied to the human body. Each aspect of Kinesiology has pulled concepts from other areas of science and I enjoy how integrated the major is. It makes studying and learning the material much easier.

Favorite thing about the department: While the department is small, it allows you to create strong relationships with the faculty and other students in the department. I enjoy hearing about the different career paths students pursue and working with other students to explore the field of kinesiology.


Class of 2020

Involvements: Student Wellness Advisory Council, Community Health and Fitness Research, Women's Rugby, Rugby E-board

Reasons for choosing kinesiology: When I first arrived at Oxy, I was unsure of what I would major in, but I've played sports my whole life and stay active, so I thought I'd try kinesiology. After taking human anatomy classes, I fell in love with the major. The human body is incredibly complex, and I loved learning about and becoming knowledgeable about its design and functions.

Favorite thing about the department: Iaddition to the awesome classes, the professors in the department are amazing, and I've really enjoyed getting to know them. They are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject, and their enthusiasm inspires and motivates me to learn more about kinesiology.


Class of 2020

InvolvementsVarsity Baseball, Scientific Scholars Achievement Program Kinesiology Tutor, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity

Reasons for choosing kinesiology: Kinesiology contains so many different concepts from different fields of studies such as BiologyBiochemistry, Psychology and Physics. It creates a unique experience that lets me find out what I am passionate about and build a foundation of knowledge that will be invaluable for the rest of my life.

Favorite thing about the department: The close knit relationships between the professors and the students. It is not a large major so it creates an environment where the students are able to get to know the professors on a more personal level which makes all of the classes more integrated and fun. Also hearing "Stay Fired Up!" from Professor Rugg every morning!


Class of 2020

InvolvementsPre-Health Student Association E-Board, Environmental Health & Justice Researcher, Oxy-CHLA Observership, Community Health & Fitness Research

Reasons for choosing kinesiology: The Kinesiology coursework is both fascinating and challenging.The in-depth anatomy sequence is a unique component of the Kinesiology major at Oxy which drew me to the major. Learning about the synchronicity of the organ systems, coupled with the complex biology within, simply fascinates me.

Favorite thing about the departmentI appreciate how every professor in the Kinesiology Department is supportive and accessible. All of the Kinesiology professors are truly enthusiastic and engaging in the course material they teach!