Mission Statement:

The mission of the Kinesiology Ambassadors is to help ensure the growth of the department as a rigorous yet supportive major that prepares students for any pre-health or graduate program. We value the diversity, curiosity, and commitment of prospective students to apply the knowledge of the human body to various passions, aspirations, and futures. As Ambassadors, we will be the bridge between students and faculty so that every student feels confident in their pursuit of a Kinesiology degree and future endeavors.


  • Use peer-led initiatives to provide resources for fellow Kinesiology majors
  • Improve visibility of major on campus
  • Foster inclusive community among Kinesiology majors and minors
  • Share student perspectives regarding the Kinesiology department
  • Provide advising for underclassmen and potential kinesiology majors

Ambassador Organized Projects:

  • Advising Sessions for class registration
  • Departmental Health Panels
  • Field Trip to Body Worlds
  • Study room office hours during finals
  • Student and Faculty Socials
  • T-Shirt Sales
  • Stickers
  • Study Abroad Panel

Meet our current ambassadors



Class of 2021


InvolvementsCommunity Health and Fitness Research, CSA Social Chair

Reasons for choosing kinesiology: Like many others, I grew up playing different sports varying from recreational basketball to competitive golf. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in injury rehabilitation and that is what brought me to the department of Kinesiology. In the past few years, I have grown a passion for organic compounds and its roles in human physiology. These factors combined motivated me to pursue a career in physical therapy and nutrition.

Favorite thing about the department: The best thing about the Oxy kinesiology department is its amazing professors. They are all experts in their fields who work hard to make sure each and every one of us gets the best education. You can also always count on this tight knit community for a friendly face or a corny joke!


Class of 2022


Involvements: Varsity Basketball, Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Reasons for choosing kinesiology: My body has definitely been beat up with injuries from playing competitive sports since I was a kid. As a result I’ve always wanted to study the human body and its movement capabilities. At Oxy I quickly gravitated toward Kinesiology after hearing about the courses that focus on the human body like Anatomy and Biomechanics.

Favorite thing about the department: Aside from the amazing Professors and my highly motivated peers I greatly enjoy the classes that Kinesiology has to offer. The coursework not only includes physical aspects but also mental aspects like Sport Psychology and Motor Learning and Control.


Class of 2021


Involvements: Varsity Baseball Team, Advanced Biomechanics Research 

Reasons for choosing kinesiology: As a lifelong athlete, I have always been curious about the ways in which my body functioned and if there were things I could do that would improve my athletic ability. This led me to an anatomy class in high school which furthered my passion for the study of kinesiology.

Favorite thing about the department: The Kinesiology department at Oxy is special because it is a small group of brilliant and motivated individuals. The close knit environment allows students and professors to collaborate during class and in extracurricular projects which is a great experience. 


Class of 2022


InvolvementsVarsity Track & Field, Oxy Barbell Club Captain

Reasons for choosing kinesiology: Heading into college, I already knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare, particularly in the realm of sport & exercise science. This made kinesiology an obvious choice for me because I knew it would help pave my path in exploring the intricacies of human anatomy and movement.

Favorite thing about the department: While the major is well known for its intensity and rigor, my favorite aspect of this department is the level of energy and excitement everyone brings to the table. I constantly find myself surrounded by contagiously enthusiastic and passionate individuals who have helped guide and define my academic experience at Oxy.

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