Kinesiology Facilities

Students majoring in Kinesiology have opportunities to perform hands-on experiments using a variety of physiological, biomechanical equipment and motor learning equipment. The department has three newly renovated instructional laboratories: 1) anatomy, 2) human performance, and 3) motor learning and control.

The anatomy lab has a large collection of models of all organ systems in the body including skeletal, muscular, neural, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary and reproductive. The human performance lab is equipped with various instruments for the measurement of oxygen consumption and energy expenditure during rest and exercise, force production and motor unit recruitment, blood glucose and lactate levels, blood pressure, body composition, and flexibility. Equipment for motor learning and control include devices for measuring fine and gross motor skills, balance, and reaction time.

Students are encouraged to utilize these resources for independent research projects through enrolling in Directed Research and/or Independent Study with faculty members.

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