The comprehensive requirement for the Kinesiology Major is met by the successful completion of the requirements in senior seminar (Kinesiology 490).

Kinesiology 490 is offered during the spring semester of the student’s senior year. In this course, students conduct an independent research project or an in-depth literature review, in an advanced area of specialization in Kinesiology. In addition to the written paper all students take part in a public presentation of their research.


The preparation for this course begins in the fall semester of the senior year. By the 8th week of the fall semester, students should identify possible research questions. Topics are restricted to general areas that have been covered in Kinesiology courses completed prior to the spring semester of the student’s senior year and in which the student received a letter grade of B- or better. Students should discuss possible research questions with the appropriate professors in the department. It should be noted that the paper and presentation represents 85% of the total grade for the course and 15% is represented in other course-related work. While the grade for Kinesiology 490 is a letter grade the College has only 3 possible “grades” for the comprehensive requirement; Pass with Distinction (PD), Pass (P), and No Pass (NP).


Kinesiology majors should be comfortable working in any of the core subject areas (Kinesiology courses required for the major) in addition to any upper division “elective” Kinesiology course you have selected. Only courses taught by members of the Kinesiology Department are eligible.

By the 8th week of classes in fall term each student should develop and submit a research question for each of the following three (3) groupings:

Group 1 anatomy/biomechanics

Group 2 sport & exercise psychology/motor learning & control/sport sociology/developmental motor behavior

Group 3 human physiology/exercise physiology/nutrition.

Each question should have the appropriate course acknowledged. Students will be notified within a week of their approved research question and faculty mentor. By the end of the 9th week a modified proposal is due.


Research Proposal Components:

In one page give a brief and clear description of:

Research topic

Research question

Proposed methodology

In one to two page(s) provide:

An annotated bibliography of 5 peer-reviewed resources published within the last 10 years

Students enroll in Senior seminar (Kinesiology 490) in spring semester. The course focuses on the completion of research, presentations practice and strategies.

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