Professor Lesley Chiou
Laurence de Rycke Professor of Economics
B.A., UC Berkeley; Ph.D., MIT
Appointed In
Fowler 221
M 2-3:25pm (in-person); Tu 10:05-11am (in-person); Th 1-1:40pm (Zoom)

Lesley Chiou's research is in the areas of Industrial Organization and Applied Econometrics. Her recent work focuses on consumer behavior and firm strategy on the Internet.


Professor Chiou's primary fields of interest are Industrial Organization and Applied Econometrics. Industrial Organization or competitive strategy explores how firms interact strategically and the implications of government competition policy. Applied Econometrics uses data and statistical tools to test predictions of economic theory or to evaluate outcomes of government policies.

Professor Chiou's current research focuses on consumer search and firm competition on the Internet. In particular, she examines the business practices of search engines and social media sites, ranging from online advertising to copyright on the Internet. Her prior work also studies how online and offline firms compete; how consumers respond to pricing changes in retail markets; and how demand evolves for arts and media markets.

Please click here for a 2-min video that describes two of Professor Chiou's recent research projects.

Policy Writing


Professor Chiou teaches courses that span all levels of the curriculum.

  • Econ 102: Principles of Economics II 
  • Econ 250: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
  • Econ 272: Applied Econometrics
  • Econ 302: Industrial Organization
  • Econ 495: Senior Seminar
  • Econ 498: Honors Seminar