Applying to med school is an involved process that demands a commitment to detail and deadlines. Our office is here to assist both current students and alumni through the processes of deciding when to apply, completing the application profile and navigating the admissions cycle.

We recommend that you take a self-assessment to ensure you’re ready both academically and personally before starting your medical school application. If you have decided that a career in medicine is the right fit and it’s the right time to apply, follow our timeline below to stay on track and make yourself the strongest candidate possible.

Fill out the Intent to Apply form and download the Applicant Profile if you are planning to apply for med school in Summer 2024 for matriculation in Fall 2025. We will include you in our communications and provide you with detailed instructions on how to participate in the Oxy process.

Medical School Application Process Timeline

Date Action Item Details

October 6, 2023
Noon - 1 PM (PST)

Attend Applicant Kick-Off Meeting

Zoom Meeting ID: 82161007665
Passcode: 456312

A walk-through of the application process and action plan. Mandatory for all applicants.

October 2023

Attend "Pre-Health Personal Statement Workshop" with the Writing Center Draft your applicant profile and personal statement. Mandatory for all applicants.
October - December 2023 Schedule Applicant Meeting with Kat Assess your candidacy and develop plans of action.
December 2023 - February 2024 Finalize your list of letter writers and start asking for letters of recommendation due in early July 2024 Strategic planning and asking early will give your letter writer sufficient time to produce a comprehensive letter.
March 2024 Read "Deciding Where to Apply" Identify and target medical schools to apply to. Mandatory for all applicants.

April 2024

Attend "Personal Statement Write-In Session"

Essay Review with the Writing Center. Final opportunity to polish your written material.

April 2024

Attend “Navigating AMCAS & AACOMAS, the Med School Applications” Workshop (*April is the last month you can take MCAT and send scores in a timely manner for matriculation in 2025)

Hands-on instruction for filling out the Centralized Application. Mandatory for all applicants.

May - June 2024 Application Submissions to MD, DO, and Dental programs. Submit letters of recommendation.  

June 2024

Attend "Secondary Essay Writing" Workshop

Schedule appointments with the Writing Center Faculty Specialists 
August 2024 -  February 2025 Interview Season and Updates to schools  Schedule a mock medical school interview.
April 2025 Commit to medical school  
Contact Pre-Health Advising
Hameetman Career Center

Room 109G
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA 90041