Oxy’s Health Promotion Program is here for you!

Under the purview of Emmons Wellness Center, Health Promotion provides peer-led educational workshops, trainings, drop-in spaces, and events to help Oxy students build skills around health and wellness, learn to advocate for themselves and their health, and gain the experience and support they need to thrive at Oxy and beyond.

Check out our Mental Health Care Package, filled with resources, info about connecting to support, tips for caring for yourself, and an activity for creating your own self-care plan!

Prepare for your well-being this summer by making your own Summer Mental Health Plan! Follow our steps here.

Contact us at well-being@oxy.edu

Oxy Student Well-Being Resources


If you or another student are in crisis and need to speak to a licensed mental health professional, call the Oxy Crisis Line at (323) 341-4141, available 24/7. You can also access immediate mental health support via TimelyCare's TalkNow function—download the app before you need it! If you or another student are in a life-threatening health or safety emergency, call 911 and/or Campus Safety at (323) 259-2599. If you're worried about a fellow student, but it's not an emergency, you can let the CARE team know.


Visit Emmons Medical for routine or urgent health care, or visit Emmons Counseling for confidential, short-term therapy & walk-in services. Download TimelyCare for free virtual urgent & routine health visits, on-demand mental health support, and short-term virtual therapy. Project SAFE offers confidential advocacy services for people who have experienced sexual or relationship violence, harassment or exploitation. The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life also offers confidential support if you need to speak to someone. 


Learn skills to care for yourself and your community with events and workshops through Project SAFE, the ICC, REHS, and Emmons . Check out TimelyCare for free well-being resources like virtual yoga & meditation. 


Find your people and explore your community on campus & beyond! Oxy offers a wealth of student clubs & campus events through SLICE ; athletic facilities & classes through Athletics ; programs, events & community in Residential Education; belonging & support at ICC; spiritual community at the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life; art & experiences at OxyArts; gardening and sustainability at FEAST; and food, culture, nature, art, music, & beyond in Eagle Rock & greater LA



Oxy Student Well-Being Resources Pyramid (PDF)


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Emmons Student Wellness Center


Appointments: (323) 259-2657
Oxy 24/7 Confidential Mental Health Crisis Line: (323) 341-4141