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Tabling + Wellness Cart

Request Emmons/Health Promotion to table at your event! We can bring information about wellness resources as well as our Wellness Cart, which has free wellness supplies such as fidget toys, condoms, lube, masks, and fentanyl test strips. We also offer 5-minute, one-on-one training on overdose prevention and naloxone administration.

Introduction to Wellness Services at Oxy (30 minutes)

An overview of the health and well-being resources available to students at Oxy and how to access them, whether or not students are enrolled in Oxy’s Student Health Insurance Plan.

Overdose Prevention & Naloxone Training (30-60 minutes)

Overdose from fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid drug, is the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 45. Lethal doses of fentanyl can be found laced in common party drugs, and it is possible for someone to overdose from their very first time trying drugs. To keep the Oxy community safe, Health Promotion is partnering with End Overdose  @ Oxy to offer this overdose prevention training. Learn about the basics of harm reduction; how to test drugs for fentanyl; how to identify an opioid overdose; and how to respond using naloxone, a safe and easily accessible medication, to save a life. Participants will receive their own overdose prevention kit containing naloxone to take with them.

Self-Care & Resilience (60 minutes)

What IS self-care? What’s the difference between self-care and self-soothing? How do we define wellness for ourselves? How can we intentionally build resilience in ourselves and in our communities? In addition to exploring these questions, participants will leave with their own self-care toolkit.

Deconstructing Impostor “Syndrome” (60 minutes)

“I don’t belong here.” “Everyone is smarter than me.” “Everyone has it together except for me.” This workshop explores the idea of impostor syndrome/feelings by looking at this phenomenon’s origins, identifying the underlying causes, exploring the ways different intersecting identities might experience these feelings differently, and introducing self-compassion as a form of resilience-building.

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others (60 minutes)

This workshop is intended for students and staff/faculty in support roles, whether they are a caregiver for a loved one, act as a student leader or peer support person, or find themselves often supporting students in their role. Participants will explore their own definitions of wellness, identify the additional stressors they face as caregivers, learn the basics of setting boundaries, and create their own self-care toolkit for when things get overwhelming.

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