Health & Safety

health and safety infographics

In our continuing efforts to protect the Oxy community, we have established health and safety requirements for those who are living or working on campus in addition to campus visitors.

Updated 8/13/21

Occidental College Community Compact

Each semester we ask the Oxy community to renew its commitment to take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and each other during the pandemic. The Occidental College Community Compact provides guidance to staff and faculty of the expectations they are to follow as it pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a separate student compact that supplements the Student Code of Conduct.

Daily Wellness Guidelines

The following health and safety requirements seek to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and will necessitate a very different experience on campus than we have had in the past. No single intervention will prevent the spread of COVID-19. But a strategy to implement "layers of safety" can decrease and manage the risk. It is only through these steps and a shared commitment to maintaining public health that a return to campus this fall and beyond is possible. All community members working and living on campus will be required to following these guidelines:

In addition to the guidelines below, please see the following pages for the latest information on: