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I. Call to Order

Ruth Jones called to order the meeting of the Campus Committee on Sexual Responsibility & Misconduct (CCSRM) at 1:00 PM on Monday, March 13, 2017, in the Galarza Room (260) of the Library. 

II. Members Attending

Elizabeth Wu, Katelyn Fink, Anne Schell, Heather Lukes, Marianne Frapwell, Olivia Sabins, Vivian Garay Santiago, Ruth Jones, Eliza Diliberti

III. Administrative

The Oxy website is in the middle of an upgrade. We are unable to make changes to the webpage for 2 weeks. We will post the committee’s minutes on the website when we can edit the website again.

IV. Discussion of Communication Materials in Response to the Survey Results

During last week’s meeting, the committee discussed preliminary results from the climate survey. The purpose of this week’s meeting is to propose/discuss changes to address issues raised from the survey results.

A. Discussion of Draft Slides

Ruth presented draft PowerPoint slides and explained that she is showing them to the group as first   drafts of designs for additions to Title IX training presentations and communication materials.  Once finalized, the information on the slides can serve as a basis for changes to the website, brochures and handouts. The new slides/designs are meant to provide clarity on the reporting and complaint resolution process, where the surveys showed there was a degree of confusion.  The Committee discussed and gave feedback on the language, graphics and organization of each slide. 

B.  Communication of Information to the Community

1.  Providing an App:  The Title IX Office is currently working with Project SAFE and an app design company on an app to help communicate with students.  A company created an app to address sexual violence and has provided it to colleges for free.  The app allows colleges to upload information on reporting and prevention education.    

2. Working with the Marketing and Communication Department: To assist with developing additional methods of communicating and educating students about the Title IX process—especially around some common misunderstandings that came out in the climate survey responses—the Title IX Office will meet with Marty Sharkey, Vice President, Marketing and Communications (OMC) and Jasmine Teran, Social Media and Email Marketing Manager, to develop a communications strategy.  Reaching students is very different from reaching faculty, administrators, and staff.  Social media is a major component in student’s consumption of information and so the new communications strategy must incorporate social media.   

3. Orientation Presentation: The Committee discussed Ruth’s annual role as the person who introduces the prevention education speaker during orientation.  In future sessions perhaps she could mention the Title IX process, maybe handout information about the office, or simply introduce herself as someone students can go to if they have questions about the process in general. Also, letting students know that the Title IX office will not automatically initiate a complaint if a student visits the office to ask questions or to talk with the Title IX Coordinator.  

4. Future Surveys:  The Committee discussed that certain questions in the employee survey yielded more useful Oxy specific information than the externally created student survey.  We will work on including those questions in future student surveys.

5.  Communication Objectives: The Committee discussed that when publicizing the Title IX Office and its resources, we need to educate students about the office and the Title IX process without triggering students who have dealt with sexual assault with too many posters, etc.   We also need to communicate to the community that Title IX does not supervise Project SAFE. Project SAFE is confidential and the Survivor Advocate or counselor can help complainants decide which reporting option to choose.

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