The Transgender Flag

Occidental College is committed to the well-being and success of all members of our community. 

We recognize that community members who identify as LGBTQIA+ experience higher levels of discrimination and psychological distress than their heterosexual and cisgender peers. Occidental strives to create a safe and compassionate campus community where all members feel welcomed, and can participate in the college experience fully without intimidation or bias. 

Gender Inclusive Student Housing
Residential Education and Housing Services offers student housing that is not restricted to traditional limitations of the gender binary. Below are the gender-inclusive spaces:

Chilcott Hall
Berkus Hall
E. Norris Hall
Haines Hall
Food Justice House (4863 Stratford Rd.)
Queer House (1480 Campus Rd.)
The second floor of Pauley Hall (Multicultural Hall)

Student Lived Name & Pronoun Policy
Students are able select the first name and gender they would like used on internal college records, including class rosters and schedules, student directory listings, ID cards, course evaluations and clearance forms.

Employee Lived Name Policy
Employees are able to use their lived name on college records that do not require a legal name to be used, including ID cards, OxyNet username and email address, display name in Google Mail, the internal campus employee directory, business cards, public-facing Oxy websites, and faculty-specific records such as registrar tables, course counts, the faculty index, and course catalog. The Employee Lived Name Policy can be found in the Employee Handbook.

List of Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Reporting Discrimination

Study Abroad Resources
When traveling abroad, be mindful that different cultures understand gender in varying ways. Moreover, levels of tolerance, acceptance, and support for LGBTQIA+ individuals differ greatly from culture to culture. LGBTQIA+ students will find their experiences more successful if they prepare themselves by becoming educated on the legal and cultural issues facing LGBTQIA+ people in their host culture. 

Health Insurance

Oxy's insurer for employees covers services such as hormore therapy and gender affirming surgeries.
Oxy's insurer for students covers services such as hormone therapy.

Off Campus Resources

National Center for Transgender Equality
Social justice organization dedicated to advancing the equality of transgender people through advocacy, collaboration, and empowerment.

Transgender Law Center
Civil rights organization advocating for transgender communities. Services include connecting trans-identified people and their families to sound legal services.

GLAAD's Transgender Resources
Transgender resources and information compiled by GLAAD

Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals
The Consortium works to achieve higher education environments in which LGBT students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni have equity.

Campus Pride
National nonprofit organization working to create a safe college enciornment for LGBT students, developing necessary resources, programs, and sercices to support LGBT and ally students on US college campuses.

The Human Rights Campaign
Largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for LGBT Americans.

Trans Youth Family Allies
TYFA empowers young people and their families through support, education, and outreach about gender identity and expression.

Los Angeles LGBT Center
Center provides services through programs such as health, social services and housing, culture and eduction, and leadership and advocacy.

Contact the Civil Rights & Title IX Office
AGC Administrative Center

 First Floor, Room 111