Chris Brickman
Beauty Is in the Eye of the Shareholder
Responding to shifts in the retail landscape and partnering with online influencers, Sally Beauty Holdings CEO Chris Brickman ’86 strives to make believers out of analysts and investors
Mr. Rohde's Wild Ride
Raconteur and adventurer Joe Rohde ’77 brings a world of influences and his liberal arts training to his work as a Disney Imagineer
Senior Comps
Extra Stresstrial
Senior comps can be time-consuming, mind-bending, and soul-crushing—but they inspire many Tigers to unimagined heights
Guardians of the Galaxy
More than 75 years ago, Barbara (Wylie) Canright ’40 helped lift the Jet Propulsion Laboratory off the ground. Half a century later, Eleanor Helin ’54 discovered a staggering number of...
Sox and Bonds
Chris Varelas '85 has a passion for sports, a knack for structuring complex technology deals, a loyalty to his Oxy family—and the uncanny ability of being at the nexus of history
School of Barack
Prior to 2008, Occidental was best known in many circles as an academic "hidden gem" (and as a popular film location). But the nation's 44th president put Oxy on the map—just as the College...
Good Vibrations
With a Hall of Fame clientele from the Beach Boys and Bee Gees to the Sex Pistols and Santana, John Branca '72 has taken the art of the deal to new heights—not bad for a kid from New York...
Sam Farmer
Most Valuable Reporter
Sam Farmer '88 has angered kickers, climbed mountains with a commissioner, and covered the NFL in a city without a team. Now the Rams have come home to Los Angeles—and he's still outrunning...
Guts & Glory
When Bob Gutowski soared his highest, and Oxy's fab four ran their fastest, Chuck Coker's 1957 track team trampled all over the record books
Urban Outfitters
Eduardo Santana '99 and Eve Critton '15 lead the ground force to renew, reinvent, and revivify downtown L.A.'s Pershing Square
Oxy alumni Lindy West
Triumph of the Shrill
Lindy West ’04 speaks out for millennials with her pointed and frequently funny observations on feminism, social justice, and self-image. Trolls, bullies, and body-shamers, beware.
Justice is Served
Dubbed the "Smiling Assassin" as a prosecutor, Jacqueline Nguyen '87 now wields a gavel as the first Vietnamese-American woman appointee to the California state judiciary
Heart Like a Wheel
Undeterred by life's obstacles—including the 15 surgeries he's endured related to his rheumatoid arthritis—Professor Roger Boesche and wife Mandy share a love for the world, adventure, and...