Oxy student intern at NASA's JPL

Interning in Los Angeles this summer? Come stay with us!

Summer 2024 applications will open by February 2024. Add yourself to our waitlist and get notified when the application goes live. 

Spend the Summer in L.A.

Oxy (that's shorthand for Occidental College) welcomes LA-bound interns to spend the summer with us. You'll enjoy the best of both worlds: Oxy's small campus provides an affordable, clean, and laid-back home-base while you take care of business on weekdays. When you're ready to unwind, our hip urban location offers easy access to every epic scene Los Angeles has to offer. Whether your goal is an in-depth comparison of authentic ramen noodles, or to visit every beach in LA (impossible!), living at Oxy puts it all within reach.

Housing & Meal Plans

Affordability, privacy, convenience... we've got options to meet all your needs. Choose from 5 room types in 2 residence halls. All rooms are air-conditioned and fully furnished with the basics plus a microwave and mini-fridge. All housing includes access to lounges, free laundry, and plenty of free parking. All housing packages include 7 or 14 meals per week

Traditional style housing offers affordability without compromising comfort. Features:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Basic furnishings (bed, dresser, desk, desk chair)
  • Microwave and mini-fridge in every room
  • 3 communal restrooms (1 per floor)
  • 2 lounges
  • Free laundry
  • Free parking

Room Options & Pricing: 

  • 7 Meals:
    • Single room = $4,717.39 for 5-weeks / $961.78 per additional week
    • Double room = $2,719.55 for 5-weeks / $550.46 per additional week
  • 14 Meals:
    • Single room = $5,386.12 for 5-weeks / $1,051.78 per additional week
    • Double room = $3,388.28 for 5-weeks / $640.46 per additional week

Looking for privacy? Berkus Hall is your answer. Features:

  • Private bathroom in every room
  • Air-conditioning
  • Basic furnishings (bed, dresser, desk, desk chair)
  • Microwave and mini-fridge in every room
  • Lounges + outdoor courtyards
  • Free laundry
  • Free secure on-site parking structure

Room Options & Pricing: 

  • 7 Meals:
    • Single room = $4,964.91 for 5-weeks / $1,012.74 per additional week
    • Double room = $3,196.91 for 5-weeks / $648.74 per additional week
  • 14 Meals:
    • Single room = $5,414.90 for 5-weeks / $1,102.74 per additional week
    • Double room = $3,646.90 for 5-weeks / $738.74 per additional week

Each suite includes 3 private singles + 1 bathroom. Features:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Basic furnishings (bed, dresser, desk, desk chair)
  • Microwave and mini-fridge (1 per suite)
  • Lounges + outdoor courtyards
  • Free laundry
  • Free secure on-site parking structure


  •  7 meals per week = $3,727.31 for 5-weeks / $747.54 per additional week
  • 14 meals per week = $4,177.30 for 5-weeks / $847.84 per additional week

Lucky you… Chowhound rated our food #5 out of the top 18 campus sites, and PETA gave us an “A” on our vegan report card. The Marketplace dining room is open daily, with all-you-care-to-eat options from vegan pizza and organic salads, to street-style tacos with homemade salsa.

A Meal Plan is required (7 or 14 meals per week). Housing options do not include kitchens, but every room has a microwave and mini-fridge. Meal Plans may be used for any meal during Marketplace hours (open 7 days a week).

We have your work week in mind:

  • Need to hit the road early? Grab-n-go breakfast options are available starting at 6:30 AM on most weekdays.
  • Sack lunches are available on weekdays; place your order the day before and pick up in the morning before you leave.
  • Dinner is served until 7:00 PM on weekdays.

Around Us

Coolest neighborhood in the WORLD? Yep… that’s what TimeOut says. Oxy is nestled on the border between the Eagle Rock and Highland Park neighborhoods of Los Angeles. You’ll be steps from York Boulevard, with its vegan cafes, live music, third-wave coffee houses, handsome cocktail spots, vintage vinyl shops, and buzzing food truck scene. Catch the Gold Line and explore all of LA… from sandy beaches and canyon hiking trails, to world-class museums and shopping galore. Still want more? How about scuba diving off Catalina Island or a weekend trip to Joshua Tree National Monument (1.5 hours away)? Los Angeles awaits you.

2024 Housing Dates

  • Minimum Stay: 5 weeks
  • Maximum Stay: 11 weeks
  • First Check-in: Late May 
  • Last Checkout: Early August
  • Applications opening soon


  • Age 18+
  • Proof of internship / employment in immediate area for duration of stay
  • We also welcome researchers, traveling nurses, study tour participants, and others in need of short-term summer housing

Need to Know

  • Parking
  • Wi-fi
  • On-site Laundry
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool

  • Bus
  • Metro Light Rail
  • Lyft / Uber
  • Zipcar
  • Scooters
  • Taxi

JPL Shuttle Service

  • Interns working at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) may utilize the JPL shuttle service to travel between Oxy and JPL.
  • Details are listed on the JPL student resources website

Occidental College does not provide transportation services.

What is eBill?

eBill is the electronic billing and payment system you will use to manage your account with Occidental College. You can access eBill 24/7 to view your account activity, or access and pay bills. eBill is designed to work on all your devices including your PC, phone and tablet.

What is an Authorized User?

An Authorized User is a person who is authorized to use eBill to make payments on behalf of your account. A maximum of 2 Authorized Users are permitted for each Intern account (Intern + 1 other person). Authorized Users can see all account activity but cannot view each other’s bank account information.

Getting Started

Occidental College creates an eBill account for each Authorized User. Once this is done, each Authorized User receives two welcome emails from the College’s Student Business Services Office (stuaccts@oxy.edu). The first email informs them that the account has been created; the second email provides a temporary account password. Each Authorized User must log in and create a new password for use.

1) Visit the eBill website at https://ebill.oxy.edu

2) Log in using Authorized User’s email address and temporary password

Access eBills

  • Access most recent eBill (statement) → Statements box
  • View other eBills → View Statements
  • View current activity → Student Account box, View Activity link
  • Some users report difficulty accessing eBill using Safari. It is best to use Chrome on a dedicated browser.

Make payments

  • Authorized Users can make online account payments with an electronic check (ACH) or debit card. Please note that some banks might not accept pinless debit transactions.
  • Payment plans are not available to Interns.

Click here to see some helpful reminders and information to ensure a stress-free Check-in

Click here for more information.

How do I secure a spot in housing?

First, complete the application. Applications are typically approved within 7 days. If approved, you will receive a Housing Agreement via email. To guarantee your space, you must sign and return the Housing Agreement and make a $500 deposit.

What is the payment schedule?

  • $500 deposit = Due within 48 hours of your eBill account being created
  • Full balance = Due 10 days before your arrival date

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept electronic payment only. Our eBill system allows you to make online payments from your checking or savings account, or use your debit card. There is no additional fee for using this service.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are not available.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

  • You may terminate your Housing Agreement by providing written notice to the Conference Services Office at least 10 days before your arrival date. The $500 deposit is not refundable.
  • Once terms are contractualized on your Housing Agreement, there are no refunds for late arrivals or early departures.

Can I request a specific person for a roommate?

  • Yes. Roommates must have compatible arrival and departure dates, the same housing selection, and roommate preference.
  • You may request roommate(s) by name on your application, or submit a request to conference@oxy.edu up to 14 days before your arrival date.
  • We make every effort to accommodate roommate requests but cannot guarantee assignments. Roommates are strongly encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible and at the same time.

If I don’t have a roommate, do you choose for me? How is my roommate assigned?

You will specify roommate preferences on the application; we’ll use your info to identify a person(s) with compatible preferences and stay dates. Please note that we do not communicate roommate information to residents at any time.

Can I switch my room or roommate later?

Housing changes are subject to current availability. If the change is approved, you will incur a $50 change fee.

When can I check in? When is checkout?

  • Check-ins take place on Sundays between May 28 - July 9. Check-in time is 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM. You will receive an email with check-in instructions approximately 14 days before your arrival date.
  • Checkouts take place on Saturdays between 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM. The last Checkout date is August 12.

How do I get a parking permit?

You may request a parking permit on your application, or at any time up to 14 days prior to check-in. Permits are free and are issued at check-in. You must provide the following info at check-in: Vehicle make, model, color, license plate number and state of issue.

How does my Meal Plan work?

Use your Meal Plan for any meal during open hours. Meal Plans re-set every Sunday morning; un-used meals do not carry over to subsequent weeks. You may upgrade your Meal Plan at any time during your stay.

Where are meals served?

Summer meal service takes place in the Marketplace (open every day). Meals are “all you can eat” and must be consumed in the dining room; there is no “to go” option. Your keycard will be programmed with your Meal Plan info; you must bring it to the Marketplace and swipe it for entry (or pay cash at the door).

What are Marketplace (dining hall) hours?

  • Marketplace is open 7 days a week (Sunday - Saturday)
  • Marketplace hours
  • Marketplace hours may vary for holidays or other service needs, but you may expect 17 - 21 meals to be available each week.

Can I get food via a delivery service (DoorDash, GrubHub, etc.)?

Yes! However, please note that the College uses 1 address for the entire campus. It may not be possible to arrange for delivery to a specific residence hall (every building has the same address).

Are housekeeping services provided?

Housekeeping service is not provided to resident rooms, or bathrooms located within your room or suite. Residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms throughout their stay. Housekeeping service is provided to communal areas: Lounges, hallways, and communal restrooms.

Is linen provided?

No. Please bring your own pillow, bedding, and towels. Beds are size twin X-Long.

Will I have access to a kitchen?

No. But each room/suite has a microwave and mini-fridge.

Can I stay in my housing after my contract ends? I am willing to pay extra.

Extended stays are not available. Please have a backup housing plan if you think your stay may extend beyond your departure date.

Ready to Apply?

To submit an application for Summer Intern Housing, you will need to gather info and materials in advance. Once this is done, we estimate it will take 20 minutes to complete the application form.

You will be asked to type the following information directly onto the form:

  • Housing and Meal Plan needs
  • Check-in & Checkout dates
  • Internship details (address, supervisor’s name and contact info, begin/end dates)
  • Roommate preference information
  • Emergency contact info (name, mailing address, contact info)

You will enter “Authorized User” info for making payments:

  • Payments are submitted via eBill, Occidental College's electronic billing and payment system
  • A person must be an “Authorized User” to make payments
  • You may have 2 Authorized Users for your account: You + 1 other person
  • Each Authorized User will have an eBill account, enabling them to view statements and make payments
  • Authorized Users can see all account activity but cannot view each other’s bank account info

If you choose to specify another person as an “Authorized User” you will to provide the following:

  • Peron’s full name
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number

To submit your application for Summer Intern Housing, you must upload 3 files:

  1. Proof of internship/employment (offer, acceptance letter, or other document verifying position)
  2. Government-issued ID displaying your name, date of birth, and photo (driver's license, passport, etc.)
  3. Photo of your face (will be used to create your Oxy ID card)

Instructions for the photo of your face:

  • Minimum 600 x 600 pixels, and at least 54 KB in size
  • 10 MB max file size
  • Jpeg or jpg format ONLY
  • Color
  • Recent (taken within the past 6 months)
  • Include your entire head and shoulders in center of frame
  • Show a clear image of your face
  • Solid white or off-white background without shadows, texture, lines
  • NO filters
  • NO selfies
  • NO eyeglasses, hats, scarves or other items that might obscure your likeness
  • Submit a photo only; you may NOT use your driver's license or other documents

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Day 1 = Submit application
  • By Day 8 = Application is approved or rejected
  • By Day 22 = Agreement is sent to you via email, for your signature
  • By Day 29 = Deadline to sign Agreement and pay $500 Reservation Deposit
  • All of the above must be completed in order to secure your Summer Intern Housing

If your application is closed:

  • If you fail to respond or complete requirements at any point, your application will be closed.
  • You may reopen your application at a later date (if we are still accepting applications)
  • There is a $50 fee to reopen your application
  • Reopened applications are subject to availability