Sending mail to campus? Find out how to address your mail to an office/department, student or interoffice to make sure it gets where you want it to go.

Addressing Mail to the College

The following information must be included when sending mail to a campus office or department, unless otherwise noted:

Employee name

Occidental College  ( Mail Stop Code )
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA 90041-3314


  • The mail stop code is required .
  • The department name is optional – it will not be used by the Postal Operations Center.
  • While optional, the employee name will almost always be there.
  • We are suggesting all upper case characters for the required parts of the address. This makes the automatic sorting equipment of the US Postal Service work better. Upper case is not required, however.

Addressing Mail to a Student

To send mail to a student, the following information is required.

Student's First and Last Name 
1600 Campus Rd. "#" or "No." (followed by mailbox number)
Los Angeles CA 90041-3314


  • If the last name is hypenated, please include both names.
  • Mail sent to a mail box addressed to someone other than the student will not be delivered and will be returned to the sender.
  • If mail is sent to a student, but is addressed to their parent (ordered by credit card, etc.), please put C/O and the student name to ensure the package can be delivered.


Parent's Name
C/O Student's Name

1600 Campus Rd. "#" or "No." (followed by your mailbox number)
Los Angeles CA 90041-3314

Improper addressing can result in a delay in getting your important mail.

Interoffice Campus Mail

To send mail within campus, please include the following information:

Employee name

Mail Stop Code


  • If you are sending to an employee, use the name, deptartment name and mail stop code
  • If you are sending to a department with no specific person, use the deptartment name and mail stop code.

Department Mail Stop Code Directory (in alphabetical order)

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Directory       Mail Stop Code
AAAF       M-6
Admissions       M-18
Advancement Services       M-45
Alumni and Parent Engagement       M-11
Alumni Relations       M-11
American Studies       F-2
Annual Giving       M-34
Art       M-2
Art History       M-2
ASHAYE       M-9
Asian Studies       M-8
Associate Dean       M-14
Associated Students of Occidental College/ASOC       M-39
Athletics       M-19
Audio/Visual       F-18
Ben Culley Society       M-36
Biology       M-3
Bookstore       M-7
Black Studies       F-27
Business       M-20
Campus Filming        F-15
Campus Safety       F-22
Career Center/CDC       F-34
Center for Community Based Learning/CCBL       F-19
Center for Food and Justice       M-1
Chapel       F-8
Charles Blyth       F-7
Chemistry       M-5
Chief Diversity Office       F-29
Child Development Center/CDC       F-21
Choral       M-24
Cognitive Science       F-26
Communication and Public Relations       F-36
Communications       F-36
Community Literacy Center       F-5
Comparative Studies in Lit & Culture       M-22
Computer Science       F-44
Conference Services       F-15
Copy Center/Ricoh       F-52
Core       F-6
Corporate Foundation Relations        M-44
Critical Theory and Social Justice/CTSJ       M-37
Cultural Studies Program/CSP       F-6
Day Care       F-21
Dean of Students       F-50
Dean of the College       F-41
Derek Shearer       F-30
Diplomacy and World Affairs/DWA       F-9
Disability Services       F-33
Donor Relations       M-46
Economics       M-4
Education       F-1
Emmons Counseling Center       F-14
Emmons Student Wellness Center       F-14
English/ECLS       M-9
Facilities Management       M-6
Facilities Planner       M-6
Finance and Planning       M-73
Financial Aid Office       F-35
Food Services       F-13
Foreign Language Project       F-1
General Counsel       F-58
Geology       F-4
German, Russian and Classical Studies       M-8
Glee Club       M-17
Global Affairs       F-30
Graduate Office       M-14
Greek Life       F-59
Green Bean       F-13
Health Center       F-14
Health Professions       M-12
Hillel       F-8
History       M-13
Hospitality Services       F-13
Human Resources       F-43
Intercultural Community Center/ICC       F-28
Information Technology Services/ITS       F-61
Institutional Advancement       M-41
Institutional Assessment       M-30
Institutional Research       M-30
Intercultural Resource Center       F-28
Interfaith Center       F-8
International Programs Office/IPO       F-16
Japanese Language       M-8
Jazz Band       M-17
Kinesiology       M-3
KOXY       M-39
La Encina       M-39
LA Stars        F-1
Language       M-8
Language Lab       M-8
Latin/Latin American Studies       F-25
Legal Counsel       F-58
Library Services       M-10
Linguistics       M-8
Major Gifts       M-33
Marketing & Communications       F-48
Master Calendar       F-13
Math       M-15
Media Arts and Culture       M-2
Moore Laboratory of Zoology       M-3
Music       M-17
Music Library       M-17
National Award       M-12
Neighborhood Partnership Program/NPP       F-42
Occidental Weekly       M-40
Office of Pre-Professional       M-12
Office of Religious and Spiritual Life       F-8
Oxy Arts       M-524A
Parent's Association       M-34
Performing Arts Facilities Admin       F-12
Philosophy       F-3
Physics       M-21
Planned Giving       M-36
Politics       M-22
President's House       F-33
President's office       F-57
Programming Board       M-39
Project Safe       F-32
Psychology       F-11
Registrar       F-51
Religious Studies       F-31
Res Life       F-59
Resident Education       F-59
Ricoh       F-52
Risk Management       F-58
Security       F-22
Slice-Student Leadership Involvement and Community Engagement       M-39
Sociology       M-26
Special Events       M-46
Stewardship/Donor Relation       M-46
Stock Room       M-6
Strategic Initiative       M-44
Student Accounts       M-20
Student Activities Center/SAC       M-39
Student Affairs       F-50
Student Business Services       M-23
Student Life       M-39
Student Loans       M-20
Study Abroad Program       F-16
Telecommunications/Telecom       F-61
Theater       F-12
Title IX       F-60
TOPS Chemistry       M-5
Transcripts       F-51
Undergraduate Research       F-24
Upward Bound       F-17
Urban & Environmental Policy Department/UEP       M-1
Urban & Environmental Policy Institute/UEPI       M-1
Vantuna Research Group       M-3
VP Business and Finance       M-73
Writing and Rhetoric Dept WDR/Writing Center       F-10
Women's Center       F-59
Women's Studies       F-5
Yearbook       M-39
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