All outgoing parcels must have the ZIP code plus the last 4 digits. Example: 90041-3314.

A 1-ounce letter is now $ .63 metered mail, and each additional ounce goes up by .87 up to a 3.5-ounce letter. After that, the mail piece falls into a Large envelope category. Postal Operations can accept your outgoing mail bearing a postage stamp or we can meter the cost for you.

A letter cannot be larger than 6 1/8" x 11 1/2" or thicker than 1/4".  If it is out of these parameters then it falls into either a large envelope or parcel category.  Manila envelopes that are typically 9"x12" or 10"x13" are considered flats and pricing for flats starts out at $1.35 for a 1 ounce flat, 2 ounces is $1.83 to $3.66. Flats cannot be thicker than 3/4".  

If your mailpiece is out of the realm of a flat, then it will go out as a parcel.  If your parcel is over a pound, it will go out as Priority Mail. We are able to offer great savings for priority mail flat rate - inquire at the Customer Counter.

Please check with a Mail Clerk at the Customer Counter for correct pricing or log onto the USPS website.


**All mail and parcels will be held at Oxy Postal Operations during the winter break. 
No forwarding  will take place  unless  you are studying abroad,   taking a  leave of absence , or  withdrawing permanently.   Our system will automatically give us a mailing address from your MyOxy account if any of the above takes place.
Students returning in the spring can pick up mail and parcels then.
Please do not call the USPS and request your mail be held as it is not a service they provide for you.

USPS retail stamp is $ .66 for a 1 oz. letter, or send via Metered mail for $ .63 (save a few pennies!).


Contact Postal Operations
Johnson Student Center

Ground floor