What happens to your packages over the summer?

Packages delivered over the summer will be forwarded to the address you provide in MyOxy if they are first class and carried by USPS.

If your package is from another carrier (Fed Ex, UPS, OnTrac, GSO, DHL) it cannot be forwarded. In this case, we can:

  1. Return your item to sender
  2. Hold it until fall semester
  3. Have a friend pick it up for you
  4. We can ship it to you. You must send a U.S. check before we will process the shipment. 
    Postal Operations Center
    Occidental College
    1600 Campus Rd
    Los Angeles, CA 90041

Seniors: your Oxy email will expire in July, so you must resolve any problems with parcels by then. You can keep your parcels and mail on campus over the summer, but your mail box will expire on August 14th, so arrange to have everything removed by then and make sure your forwarding address is up to date.

Mail kept over the summer must be regularly checked. If we see mail piling up, we will return it to sender. If we receive any parcel for you here over the summer you will be sent an email detailing your options for getting the parcel to you.

Questions: contact Postal Operations 323-259-2894 or postalcenter@oxy.edu.

Contact Postal Operations
Johnson Student Center

Ground floor