Postal Operations works with UPS and FedEx to get your parcels where they need to go.


Postal Operations uses Fed Ex Express, Ground & Home delivery. Please visit our customer counter locations on the ground floor of JSC for discount information. View Fed Ex information.


We use UPS for Ground shipments as well as Express. View UPS information. UPS picks up daily at 4pm. After 4pm, UPS pre-paid labels can be dropped off at any UPS Store.  

Certified Mail

Certified Mail and Certified Mail Return Receipt can no longer be postmarked by the USPS coming from Oxy. We can process this type of mail for you, but we cannot get you the green/white receipt dated by USPS. If you need this "postmark," please visit any USPS Station.

International Mail

International parcels are no longer allowed via Postal Service from our location. If you have merchandise to mail overseas, including Canada and Mexico, you will need to either ship it with us via Fed Ex, or go to any USPS office yourself. We can mail letters, mail, and documents if they are in a flat envelope (for example a manila envelope sized 10x12).

Mailing Supplies and Box Stuffers

Need packing material for your parcels? Postal Operations keeps recycled supplies available on a first come first serve basis.

  • Bubble wrap, air plastic bags, styrofoam bubbles and blocks as well as cardboard boxes are available as Postal Operations collects these from incoming packages for your use.
  • Cardboard boxes are available on our loading dock in the recycle bin.
  • Priority Mail boxes, including flat rate boxes are available for use when shipping out only with the USPS.

If you need a non-priority box, or a box of a different size, check our recycling bins for pre-used boxes. (Help us be greener and expand your options!)

If needing items Postal Operations does not carry, or if we are out of our supplies, you can go to any UPS Store

The Packaging Store also carries supplies for your mailing needs. 

Box City offers a range of box sizes available--and they deliver to campus! Call for pricing information, and come pick up your order at the Oxy mail room. Also Staples, Office Depot, and Home Depot carry shipping supplies. 

Contact Postal Operations
Johnson Student Center

Ground floor