For instructions on summer mail forwarding or keeping your mail on campus, read on.

To forward your summer mail:

  • You must login to your MyOxy account
  • Go to Student Services
  • Scroll down to My Personal Info
  • Click on Update Addresses and Phones

You'll see Mailing, if this address is where you will be, then close screen and you're done.

If mailing address is not where you will be, or you want your mail in your CAMPUS BOX, then using the pull down menu select FW Forwarding by Postal Operations. Enter the address in the fields provided and then click submit. If wanting mail to go to your campus box, fill out:

  • Line 1: 1600 Campus Rd.
  • Line 2: your box #
  • Line 3: Los Angeles, CA 90041-3314

**If you make any changes be sure to scroll down and click submit.

Most students will have mail forwarded over the summer as we do not allow for Forwarding during the Academic year unless you have dropped out or are on a leave of absence or abroad.  For this type of forwarding, NR (not returning) LOA (Leave of Absence) or Abroad, our system will automatically forward your mail to your mailing address. Prior to leaving, it is important to confirm the address you want your mail to go to.

Contact Postal Operations
Johnson Student Center

Ground floor