See below for the answers to common questions about the Oxy Mailroom

Move-in Packages for Class of 2024 and 2025

When to ship: You may now ship packages to Occidental College.
How to label: Please address your move-in packages as follows: 

Your first and last name
Class of 2024 or Class of 2025 
Occidental College
1600 Campus Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041-3314

Where to pick up: You will receive an email notification from "OxyParcelDelivery" with instructions on where to pick up your packages on the August 23 move-in day (Sophomore Class move-in is Aug 26). It will be at one of two locations: 

  1. Postal Operations Center in Johnson Student Center 
    Window hours: 9am-4pm
  2. Stockroom in Facilities Management Department
    Window hours: 8am-4pm

When can I send my packages to Oxy for the Fall semester (returning students)?

We have limited space for storage over the summer, so please send your packages after July 20th. Be sure to address your packages properly. Do not use nicknames or pen names. Improperly addressed mail/packages may be refused and “Returned to Sender." Please notify your friends, family, and vendors the proper way to address your mail and packages. 

Your First and Last Name
Occidental College, #____ (Insert your box number here. Do not use "P.O. Box" or "Box #" as they are exclusive use of internal mailboxes at post office stations)
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA 90041-3314

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What is my mailbox number? 

1. Login to my.oxy.edu - Click on "Student Services" tab (left sidebar) - Under "My Personal Info" click on "Update Address and Phones" 
2. Login to my.oxy.edu - Click on "Directories & Search" (left sidebar) - Student Search and type in your name

Note: Mailbox numbers for new incoming students will be assigned by mid-July.

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How should I address my mail?

Do not use nicknames or pen names. Improperly addressed mail may be refused and “Returned to Sender." Please notify your friends, family, and vendors the proper way to address your mail and packages.

First and Last Name
Occidental College, #____ (Insert your box number here. Do not use "P.O. Box" or "Box #" as they are exclusive use of internal mailboxes at post office stations)
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA 90041-3314

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Where do I pick up my packages?

If you receive a package, the Oxy Postal Center will send an email to your Oxy email address. To retrieve your package, please bring your Oxy photo ID to the Postal Center during open hours and a staff member will assist you. Be sure to have the item description ready (box, flat,bag or tube), so that our Postal Center staff may quickly find your package.

Packages are not kept indefinitely. Packages that are not picked up in a timely manner are deemed unclaimed and then “Returned to Sender". We will send a second and third email notice for you to pick up your package.


Postal Operations Center does not refrigerate the item. It is placed on the shelf with the other packages. 

Perishable items will be held in Package Pick-up no longer than five consecutive weekdays or the package will be disposed of.

Flowers, plants, fruit arrangements or baskets, baked goods or similar items deliveries are held for pickup at the Postal Operations Center. We will attempt to call you and will send you an email notification, as soon as the package arrives.

If we are unable to identify the receiver of a package, it will hold the package for 48 hours before returning it to the sender.

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Where is the Postal Operations Center and what are your window service hours?  

Location: Johnson Student Center 1st floor, near the Bookstore.
Window Service hours: Monday through Friday from 11am to 2pm.
There are two service windows:

  • Lobby window (for students and employees with proof of Daily Health Check Clearance only)

  • Curbside service (behind the building at the loading dock)

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What if I have an emergency parcel that I need to pick up or drop off?

If you have an emergency pick-up or drop-off outside our Window Service hours, please email postalcenter@oxy.edu or call 323-259-2894 to schedule an appointment.  

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How do I open my mailbox?

Each student mailbox has its own unique mailbox combination formatted as: ##-##-##

To open student mailboxes follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn lock knob four times COUNTERCLOCKWISE (left) to clear and stop at the FIRST number.
Step 2: Turn lock knob ONCE around CLOCKWISE (right) passed the FIRST number slowly to your SECOND number of your combination.
Step 3: Turn lock knob COUNTERCLOCKWISE (left) directly to THIRD number.
Step 4: Hold lock knob firmly CLOCKWISE (right) as you feel the lock knob stops and then pull open. 

NOTE: We cannot take mail out of mailboxes and deliver them to students or open boxes from the inside of the mail center. If you are assigned an internal mailbox, a mail clerk will be happy to hand you your mail.

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I lost my mailbox combination, what do I do?

It is the students' responsibility to keep track of their mailbox combination information. If this information has been lost, please provide you Oxy photo ID at the front window and the window clerk will help you.

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What do I do if my mailbox is broken?

Report the problem right away to the Postal Center window clerk. The Oxy Postal Center will take care of it in a timely manner.

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My online tracking says my package has arrived, but I don't have an email from the Mailroom yet. Where is it?

The online tracking email that some package carriers send out to notify you that your package has been delivered only indicates that your package has arrived in the Eagle Rock USPS station. It can take an additional 1- 2 days to be delivered or picked up by the Occidental College Postal Operations Center Staff. Please wait for our Oxy email notification that your package is here and have the package item-type ready, so that our Postal Center staff may quickly find your package. Note: Your package may either be at the Postal Center or the Facilities Stockroom - Be sure to read the pick-up location in your email notification. 

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How do I get my mail forwarded if I am going to be away from Occidental College?

Forwarding services are provided for a maximum of 6 months to students who have graduated. This includes students participating in study abroad, leaving for the summer, transferring, withdrawing, or taking a leave of absence. To activate the forwarding service, complete an address forwarding form online on your MyOxy link.

NOTE: Only USPS First Class Mail and magazines are forwarded. This does not include junk mail (nonprofit or presorted standard) or packages from FEDEX, UPS, OnTrac, DHL, GSO and other private carrier, etc.

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Where can I mail a letter or package?

Your Occidental College Postal Center provides USPS, Fedex, and UPS services to send your mail and packages. All outgoing USPS, Fedex, and UPS packages are picked up at 4:00 pm Monday to Friday.  We do provide a service for USPS, UPS or FedEx pre-paid pick-up spot service in the Oxy Postal Operations Center.

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Where can I purchase stamps?

The Postal Operations Center is not a full service post office. You can purchase stamps at the Bookstore (located next door) or we can meter your mail if it is ready to be sent out.

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What do I do if there is a letter in my mailbox that is not for me?

If you have an Oxy mailbox, you are required to check your mail frequently. If you receive mail that is not addressed to you, please drop the mail off with the Mail Clerk or slip it in the Campus Mail slot next to the counter window.

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When do I start or stop receiving mail at this address?

We accept mail and packages before Move-In Day. We accept mail and packages throughout the school year, including Winter and Spring Breaks. Graduating students will receive 6 months of service forwarding for their USPS First Class mail or packages, but only to the home address that you provided as your MyOxy address information. Fedex, UPS, and private carrier packages will not be forwarded, as they don’t support the service to do so. Such packages will be “Returned to Sender" as “Not Here" or “Unclaimed."

Any USPS first-class mail or packages remaining in a mailbox/postal center will be either forwarded or returned, the following week.

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If I have graduated, what happens with my mail?

Congratulations! Please update your address directly with all possible companies/senders. You can refer to the mail forwarding page for more details on providing updated address information.

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Student Tips

Please note the following tips:

  • Check your mailbox regularly.
  • Keep your mailbox closed and locked at all times.
  • Discard all unwanted mail and flyers into the recycle bins.
  • Do not send CASH through USPS or campus mail. Postal Operations Center will not be responsible for cash sent through USPS or campus mail. If you do, you are doing so at your own risk.
  • Postal Center recommends that you use checks or money orders or pre-paid cards rather than Cash when sending monetary gifts. Cash should always be delivered in person. 
  • Have all gift cards sent with tracking (USPS certified mail, priority mail, FedEx, UPS etc.)—whether the student is sending or receiving the gift card.
  • If you're expecting personal mail from family and/or friends, please make sure the senders fully seal it with tape. This will ensure that your mail arrives in a secure manner via USPS.

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What and Where are the Amazon Lockers? 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve received an email notification about an Amazon package arriving for you on campus, but it is now past the Oxy Postal Operations Center hours of operation? Then have we got some great news for you!

A bank of Amazon Lockers have recently been installed along the left side of Newcomb (in the small parking lot immediately on your left when entering the campus from Bird Road). The installation of these lockers means that you can now choose them as a drop-off location for your Amazon orders. 

They’re simple to use: While shopping on Amazon, select the Oxy lockers (“Amazon Hublocker - Monument at Occidental College, 1600 Campus Rd. LA 90041-3314) as your delivery location at checkout. You can collect your package from the lockers when you receive your keypad pickup code. (If the package is too large, the system should not allow the purchaser to choose the lockers. Oversize packages will continue to be delivered to Oxy's Postal Operations Center.) 

The Amazon lockers give students, faculty and staff the ability to pick up Amazon packages 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a contact-free manner.

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