New to our eBill system?

What are eBills?
eBills are online billing statements that display the same information as traditional paper statements, for example:  charges for tuition, fees, room and board, credits, and payments.  Electronic Billing (eBills) is the official means of providing student account statements to all Oxy students.  Student account eBill notifications are e-mailed on or around the 15th of every month, beginning in July. Notifications are e-mailed to your Occidental e-mail address and any authorized user’s e-mail address.

What is an authorized user?
Authorized users can view your account and pay your student account balance. They can schedule and make payments. It is possible to have more than one user on an account.  You can see scheduled payments by authorized users but to protect the privacy of all users, you cannot view each other’s bank account information.  Authorized users may be added and deleted as necessary, but only by the student. It is the student’s responsibility to set up authorized users for their student account. Once the authorized user is added, the authorized user will receive a welcome message from Student Business Services containing the password necessary to login.

How do I establish authorized users on my Student account?
To add an authorized user to your student account:

  • Login to your Student Account via myOxy, Student Services tab
  • Locate the link for "Go to my eBill now, "  this will connect you to your student account 
  • Click on the Authorized Users link (right hand side menu) and follow the prompts

The authorized user you have specified will receive an e-mail notification which contains an initial eBill password and login instructions.  An e-mail notification will be sent to each address provided when a new eBill becomes available.

How do I access eBill?

  •      Login to myOxy
  •      Select the Student Services tab
  •      Locate the eBill channel 

Authorized Users:

  •      Visit the eBill website –
  •      Login with your e-mail address and the initial password provided in your eBill welcome message.  If you have logged in before, you will use the password you selected upon first login.  If you don’t remember your password, you can have it e-mailed to you by clicking on Forgot Password. 

How do I view my eBill?
Once you login, your most recent statement will be available under the Statements box.  This will display the most current eBill available.  We store up to 24 months of eBills and you can view any other eBill by selecting View Statements.

How can I view the current activity on my student account?
You can view your current activity by clicking on the View Activity link in the Student Account box.  This will display a list of semesters.  To view the activity for a particular semester select the desired term.

What types of payments are accepted online?
Within the eBill account, a student and authorized user can make online student account payments with an electronic check (ACH) or debit card.  Please note that some banks might not accept pinless debit transactions.

How do I mail a payment?
Mail checks payable to the Occidental College, Student Business Services, 1600 Campus Road M-20, Los Angeles, CA 90041.  Please indicate the student’s ID number on the memo line of the check.

How do I sign up for a payment plan?
Participation in the payment plan is on a semester basis so you must enroll in the payment plan at the start of each semester.  There is a fee of $50 per semester to participate in the Monthly Payment Plan. 

  •      Click on Payment Plans on the top menu bar
  •      Click on Sign up for a New Payment Plan
  •      Select the current term and click on Go. 

In order to have the option of paying in 5 installments, you must enroll in the plan prior to the first due date – August 1 for the fall and January 1 for spring.

What charges are included in my payment plan?
Tuition, room and board, and mandatory fees are all included in your initial payment plan.  Other miscellaneous charges such as your bookstore voucher, library fees, Emmons charges and will be included in the payment plan as they are posted to your student account. 

Can I have my bills mailed to me?
Electronic bills is the official means of providing student account statements to all Oxy students.  When a new bill is available e-mail notifications will be sent electronically from Student Accounts to the student’s Oxy e-mail address and any Authorized Users established by the student.  You may obtain a paper bill by accessing your ebill and printing a paper copy of your bill.

Please contact Student Business Services if you have any problems accessing your student account online.

Contact Student Business Services
AGC Administrative Center

Room 117
1600 Campus Road M-20
Los Angeles, CA 90041