Congratulations Class of 2024!

All graduating seniors must clear their student account balances no later than May 17, 2024. If your balance is not paid in full by this date, your diploma will be held until the account is satisfied.

Commitment Deposit Refund
Any graduating senior who has a commitment deposit will be refunded that deposit beginning in June. We will send you a follow-up email in June when we are ready to process.

Perkins and Occidental Loan Exit Interviews
All graduating seniors with a Perkins Loan, Occidental No Interest Loan or Occidental Low Interest Loan must complete an exit interview. An email from ECSI, our loan servicer, will be sent mid April.  If you also have a Federal Direct Student Loan, you will need to complete a separate exit interview through the Financial Aid Office. Any student who does not complete their exit interview by May 17, 2024 will have their diploma and transcript held until it is completed.

Contact Student Business Services
AGC Administrative Center

Room 117
1600 Campus Road M-20
Los Angeles, CA 90041