The charges for the 2024-2025 academic year are as follows:

Tuition & Fees


Annual Cost Cost per Semester
Full-time Tuition $65,678 $32,839
Part-time per unit rate*   $2,736
ASOC Student Body Fee $281.50 $140.75
DEB Student Fee  $21.50 $10.75
Sustainability Fund Fee $21.50 $10.75
Senate Fee $21.50 $10.75
Student Health Fee $250 $125

Student Health Insurance(2024-25)
(may be waived)

$ 3,241 $1,620.50

Oxy offers a variety of housing options:

Housing Type
Annual Cost
Cost Per Semester​
Large Single $14,756 $7,378
Small Single $13,664 $6,832
Double Room (standard) $10,958 $5,479
Triple $9,120 $4,560
4520 & the 4522 Suite at Toland Way $16,176 $8,088
Single Rooms at 4522 & 4524 Toland Way  $14,756 $7,378

Meal Plan
Oxy offers several meal plans:
Meal Plan Annual Cost Cost Per Semester
Meal Plan A+ $9,322 $4,661
Meal Plan A $8,652 $4,326
Meal Plan B $8,294 $4,147
Meal Plan C $7,534 $3,767

Meal Plan D
(not available for first-years)

$6,888 $3,444

*Status Change from Full-Time to Part-Time
The College refund policy for students dropping from full-time status to part-time status is effective only for the first five weeks of the semester. Students who register at the beginning of the term as full-time and elect to drop to part-time status will be billed on a per unit basis (eleven or fewer units). After the 26th day of classes, no adjustment will be made and the student will be billed at the regular full-time rate. 

To be considered part-time, a student must petition to the Registrar’s office and be approved. Attending eleven or fewer units without an approved petition from the Registrar does not constitute part-time status and the student will be subject to full-time tuition and fees. Any status change that results in a credit, partial or otherwise, of tuition, room, board and fee charges may affect your financial aid award. Such a change could result in a balance on your student account that would be due and payable.

Actual Costs vs. Cost of Attendance
These actual costs will differ from the Cost of Attendance on which financial aid eligibility is based. Federal regulations dictate which costs and the amount that we are able to use when determining financial aid eligibility. More information about the Cost of Attendance used to determine financial aid can be found at

Miscellaneous Charges
Miscellaneous fees may appear on your account, including, but not limited to: Library, Campus Dining fees, Emmons Student Wellness Center and other various departmental charges. If you have questions regarding these charges, you must contact the issuing department directly. Student Business Services cannot reverse departmental charges without authorization from the issuing department.

Health Insurance
The student health insurance provider is Aetna Student Health. Additional information can be found at  If you have specific questions regarding the coverage or need assistance with filing your insurance claims, please contact Krista Place at (323) 259-2836. 

Bookstore Vouchers
Student Business Services and the Oxy Bookstore offers vouchers to all students that can be used to purchase books and class-related materials at the bookstore. Whatever you buy with the voucher – a maximum of $600 for both Fall & Spring semesters – will be billed to your student account. This allows you to spread out payments for textbooks and other supplies. Vouchers are valid 2 weeks before classes begin. More information on this program will be e-mailed at the beginning of each semester.

Contact Student Business Services
AGC Administrative Center

Room 117
1600 Campus Road M-20
Los Angeles, CA 90041