Academic information pages display academic department courses and major/minor requirements from the college catalog and faculty listings from the faculty index.

There are two types of Academic Information pages:

  • Courses & Requirements pages pull information about courses and major/minor requirements directly from the College Catalog
  • Faculty pages pull faculty information from the Oxy faculty index

These two page types are required elements for every academic department website. There is no need to request new academic information pages because they have already been configured for every department. Web editors do not have access to edit these pages; to request changes please contact the appropriate department listed below.

Courses & Requirements Pages

The content on these pages is managed via the Official College Catalog and can not be updated by the Web Team. Please email the Registrar's Office at to request changes to the official college catalog.

Faculty Pages

Faculty pages are generated automatically via faculty index. To request changes or corrections to your department's faculty page please contact the Dean's Office.

For information about individual faculty profiles see Individual Faculty Profiles.

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