Formatting Text

The CMS has many tools you can use to format your text that are similar to other familiar programs like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and email.


Below are each of the options listed in order from left to right. For examples of what all of these formatting options look like in practice please see our page on font styles.

"" view html source
"" bold, italic, underline, strikethrough
"" superscript, subscript
"" remove formatting
"" numbered list, bulleted list
"" reduce indent, increase indent
"" blockquote
"" align left, center, right, justified
"" text direction left to right, text direction right to left
"" link, unlink (view tutorial on links and anchors)
"" anchor (view tutorial on links and anchors)
"" headline styles (view all headline styles)
"" WYSIWYG templates
"" show blocks
"" create div container
"" cut, copy
"" paste, paste as plain text, paste from Word
"" spell check
"" undo, redo
"" search, find and replace
"" select all
inline image (view tutorial on inline images)
"" insert table (view tutorial on tables)
"" insert horizontal line
"" insert special character
"" embed iframe, rich media (view tutorial on embedding videos or the tutorial on embedding other media)