While Los Angeles is known for temperate year-round weather, fall can bring very warm temperatures and residence halls can get quite hot. Here are tips for beating the SoCal heat.

Update Regarding Air Conditioning for Fall 2023

Not all Oxy residence halls have air conditioning in student rooms and common areas. In an effort to beat the heat, we strongly recommend that you bring a fan with you or buy one when you arrive on campus.

An additional option for you to use in your rooms to address hot temperatures is an “evaporative cooler.” These portable coolers can cool a room by up to 10 degrees, and can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon and similar stores. Evaporative coolers are only permitted in non air-conditioned res halls. If you choose to purchase a cooler, please note that approved evaporative coolers must have a self-contained water source and require no more than 120 volts of electricity at 300 watts.

It’s also important to keep in mind  that portable air conditioning (AC) units are not permitted in residence halls.  These AC units, which typically require an exhaust hose be placed in a window, require much more power than our residence halls are equipped to handle.

During times of excessive heat, REHS and Student Affairs will notify students of additional comfort measures such as bringing in portable units to cool res hall common areas and extended library and pool hours. 

If you have further questions about evaporative coolers please contact the REHS Office at (323) 259-2531.

Current halls that do not provide air conditioning within individual student rooms: Berkus House, Chilcott Hall, E. Norris Hall, Haines Hall, Pauley Hall, Stearns Hall, Stewart-Cleland "Stewie" Hall
*Note: air conditioning is provided in the lounge and common area spaces in these halls during the warmer season

Evaporative Cooler: Approved


Portable Air Conditioner: Not Approved


Contact Residential Education & Housing Services
Berkus Hall

Office hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.