First-Year Experience

First-year students live in one of five residence halls that make up the First-Year Experience (FYE) Area. This area is staffed to welcome first-year students to Oxy and help guide the transition to college life, including intentional programming and outreach.

All residence halls include:

  • smoke-free environment
  • laundry facilities
  • meeting/gathering space

Common Room Dimensions for First-Year Residence Halls

The following are room dimensions for most types of spaces in First-Year Halls to give you a sense of the space provided:

Bell Young Double 12' x 13'
  Triple 12' x 14'
Braun Double 12' x 13'
Chilcott Double 12' x 14'
Pauley Double 12' x 13'
  Triple 12' x 14'
Stewie Double 11' x 14'
  Triple 12' x 14'
Baldwin House Double 10' x 13'

View photos of a triple room