First-Year Experience

First-year students live in one of five residence halls that make up the First-Year Experience (FYE) Area. This area is staffed to welcome first-year students to Oxy and help guide the transition to college life, including intentional programming and outreach.

All residence halls include:

  • smoke-free environment
  • laundry facilities
  • meeting/gathering space

View photos of a triple room

Braun Hall

Built in 1962, Braun is coed with single-gender floors.

Very large lounge space
Near Sycamore Glen
Location adjacent to Anderson Field
Air conditioning



Chilcott Hall

Chilcott Hall was built in 1959. Consisting of two gender-inclusive floors, this building is made up of double and triple rooms.

Large lounge area
Location adjacent to Weingart Hall for the Liberal Arts and close to Campus Dining facilities
Bathrooms are gender-inclusive

Bell-Young Hall

Built in 1956, this coed hall has three floors. The first and second floor are single-gender and the third floor is gender-inclusive.

Air conditioning
Two large lounges 
Women's Scholars Themed Living Community
Close to Hameetman Science Center

Stewart-Cleland ("Stewie") Hall

Built in 1953, Stewart-Cleland Hall has two floors. The second floor is gender-inclusive. 

Large patio with extensive views of Los Angeles
Location adjacent to Anderson Field


Pauley Hall: Multicultural Hall

Pauley Hall is a Themed Living Community for first-year and upper-division students. The community supports and centers the experience of students of color. Pauley Hall features three gender-inclusive floors with gender-inclusive communal bathrooms.

MLK Lounge and Lavender Lounge
Near Sycamore Glen
Location adjacent to Anderson Field


Triple Room Photos

These pictures depict a triple room setup in Stewie Hall.