Living Off Campus

Though most Oxy students live on campus all four years, 10% of students will spend at least one year living off campus.

Off-campus living is different than residence hall life.  It can be an exciting change, but it also comes with some new responsibilities. We know that this is the first time many of you have signed leases or paid your own utilities. Don't worry - although you won't be living on campus with us anymore we're still here to help.

Expectations for students living off campus are also a little different. Oxy students are active participants in the local community, whether they live on or off campus.  Community participation is both formal, through the Office of Community Engagement and other programs, and informal, through our students, faculty, and staff who choose to live in the area.  As a neighborhood resident, we expect you to contribute to the positive relationships that exist between the College and our neighbors.

Lastly, living off campus may impact your financial aid package. For more information please visit the Financial Aid website or contact them directly.