Living Off Campus

Living Off Campus

Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 Living Off Campus Update

Given the unique and difficult situation we find ourselves in, our three-year live-on requirement and the live-off application are suspended for the 2020-2021 academic year. You can find detailed updates on housing decisions for the fall on the College's COVID-19 website. 

We'd like to share resources with you if you are a student looking for off-campus housing near the College or in the greater LA community this upcoming semester. is a website college students can use to find local housing listings near their school. Property owners post to this site regularly. The College does not directly work with this website or any property owners listed on the site.

Earlier announcements about fall housing mentioned potential College-affiliated off-campus housing in Pasadena. Now that the College is going remote this semester, we are no longer pursuing a contract with Thistle Apartments. However, they have units available to rent. You can learn more about their housing options on the Thistle Apartments website.

The College is working with a realtor, Jorge Del Pinal, to help students find off-campus housing. His services are free for students. You can contact him directly at for assistance.

Though most Oxy students live on campus all four years, 10% of students will spend at least one year living off campus. Students in their third and fourth year can live off campus after receiving approval.

Off-campus living is different than residence hall life. It can be an exciting change, but it also comes with some new responsibilities. We know that this is the first time many of you have signed leases or paid your own utilities. Don't worry–although you won't be living on campus with us anymore we're still here to help.

Even when you live off campus, you're still a Tiger. You can still purchase a meal plan and eat at the Marketplace, go to campus events, get career advice from the CDC, and everything else you're used to doing on campus–it's just a little further away.

We also encourage students living off-campus to get involved in the neighborhood. Oxy has many programs that work in the surrounding area; start by contacting the Office Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLICE) to see how you can get participate and give back to the local community.

Lastly, living off campus may impact your financial aid package. For more information please visit the Financial Aid website or contact them directly.

Applying to live off campus

Permission to live off-campus is determined through an application process during the spring semester of a student’s sophomore year. Students should not sign a lease for or otherwise commit to off-campus housing until they receive written approval from the Office of Residential Education and Housing Services in the month of May that precedes the student’s junior year. Students who do not have written permission to reside off-campus are obligated to reside in, and pay for, room and board on campus in accordance with the College’s housing policies.

Students who wish to apply to live off-campus should do so via their eRezLife portal.