The College will not be liable, directly or indirectly, for theft or loss of personal property by fire, water, or any other cause, whether the items are placed in your room, in storage, or other areas of the residence hall.

The College will not be responsible for any loss or damage occurring to your belongings during the move-in process regardless of whether or not they were moved in by a College volunteer. You are expected to clearly label your luggage, boxes, bags and other belongings with your first and last name. You are responsible for moving valuable items into the residence hall yourself. Do not allow College volunteers to handle items such as laptops, computers, cell phones, tablets, electronics, video game systems, musical instruments, jewelry, textbooks, cash, gift cards and/or items of particular sentimental or monetary value. You will not be compensated for items that are lost, misplaced, damaged, or broken (by any means) during the move-in process.

You are strongly advised to carry insurance protection against loss or damage of your personal property. Your existing homeowner’s policy may confirm that the definition of "dwelling" can be extended to include your room in your residence hall. It may be possible to add a rider to the existing policy where no coverage is provided for possessions housed at an off-site location. 

The best protection may be achieved through a standard tenant's policy - commonly known as “Renter’s Insurance.” Oxy has partnered with GradGuard to provide high quality Renter’s Insurance.  For more information about these plans, please visit their visit their website.

You may leave personal property in your room during holidays and over the spring/winter break periods unless the College indicates in advance a need to have the room vacated. You should always take valuable items (e.g., jewelry, computers, TVs, etc.) with you when you leave, as the College cannot guarantee the security of personal belongings in your room. It is your responsibility to ensure that your doors and windows are locked whenever you are not in your room.

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