Room Draw

Room Draw is the process by which students select their living space on campus for the following academic year.

Oxy has a three-year live on requirement, which means that all students must live in college-owned housing for their first three years.  Seniors are not guaranteed on-campus housing, and will need to apply if they are interested in living on-campus. 

Information about Room Draw for the 2023-2024 academic year:

  • Rising Seniors Interested in Living On-Campus:
    All rising seniors must complete the Rising Senior Room Draw Request Form by Monday, February 27, 4pm PT if they are interested in living ON-CAMPUS for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Any rising seniors who do not complete the Rising Senior Room Draw Request Form will not paricipate in room draw, and we will assume that they will live off-campus for the 2023-2024 academic year. Completion of this form does not guarantee housing, and REHS will try to best honor as many requests as possible. If there are more requests than bed spaces for rising seniors, decisions will be determined by the date and time we receive a student's form submission. This means the sooner a student completes this form, the better their chance of living on-campus for next year. Information about this process was emailed to all rising seniors on February 7.
  • Rising Juniors Interested in Living Off-Campus:
    Each year, REHS allows a small number of rising juniors to live off-campus and be exempt from their required third year of living on-campus. Rising juniors interested in living off-campus for 2023-2024 must complete the Third Year Live Off Form by Monday, February 27, 4pm PT.  Please note that the completion of the Third Year Live Off Form does NOT guarantee your approval, and you must NOT sign a lease or enter any off-campus housing agreement until you receive writtenpermission from Residential Education and Housing Services. Students who do not have written permission to reside off-campus are obligated to reside in, and pay for, room and board on campus in accordance with the College’s housing policies.  Information about this process was emailed to all rising juniors on February 7.
  • Room Draw Process for Rising Sophomores, Juniors, and approved Seniors:
    More information about the April room draw process will become available in March 2023.
  • Students Interested in Seeking Housing Accommodations:
    Students interested in seeking a housing accommodation for the 2023-2024 year must visit the Disability Services Housing Accommodations Website. This website contains all information about the application process. Please note that Residential Education and Housing Services does not approve housing accommodations; only the Office of Disability Services makes such approvals. Any questions about housing accommodations should be directed to their team. If approved, Disability Services informs Residential Education and Housing Services, and a team member from REHS will contact you regarding what options may be available.
  • Students Planning to Study Abroad or Take a Leave of Absence for Fall 2023:
    If you are planning to study abroad or take a leave of absence for Fall 2023, you do not need to complete any housing processes. Once you have completed the process to return to campus for Spring 2024, you should be in contact with Residential Education and Housing Services in Fall regarding Spring smester housing. Should you change your plans to study abroad or a leave for Fall, you should notify REHS, and we will add you to a housing waitlist.  We review our housing waitlist in June of each year and provide housing as space becomes available.

Information about Housing for new First Year and Transfer Students:

  • Housing selection for first-year and transfer students is completed over the Summer, and information about that process will be shared with students and families in June.This information will be emailed directly to students.