Mental Health


Counseling and Psychological Services 

Your health and well-being has always impacted learning and academic success, and this reality is only heightened as we transition back to campus.  Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, loss of motivation, difficulty concentrating, strained relationships, and feelings of not belonging can occur. Emmons’ counseling staff is committed to supporting the mental health needs of Oxy students. All of  Emmons’ therapists have training in trauma informed care and bring a variety of professional expertise. All of our services are free of charge (except for psychiatry, as listed below). All of our services are virtual (including walk-ins) until January 31, 2022, when we plan to offer hybrid services based on student preference. All Oxy students are able to utilize our services regardless of their location. To schedule an appointment, please call at (323) 259-2657 or email at

Emmons provides short-term individual therapy, walk-ins, group therapy, drop-in chats, crisis support, and consultations. Please check below for more information on drop-in chats and group therapy options, which cover a variety of topics such as mindfulness, peer support, and specific times for athletes, and black and minoritized students. 

Emmons’ staff is also available to support students in finding local therapy referrals. Our counseling services are free.

Our dietitian is available to meet virtually with all students at no cost, and our psychiatrist will provide telemedical services to students based on their insurance coverage, and to pre-existing patients. For all other students, Emmons counselors will assist in finding a local psychiatry referral. 

Helpline - Students have access to the 24/7 confidential hotline at 323-341-4141. 

To get connected to any of the free, confidential services at Emmons, you can call (323) 259-2657 or email us at

Drop-In Services

Drop-in chats are informal and confidential consultations with an Emmons counselor. If you desire or require care beyond a consultation, the Emmons counselor will refer you to on or off campus resources as appropriate. Please follow the links associated with the appropriate day/time, and meet with the Emmons counselor listed. Please note that if someone else is already being served, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room, and we will be with you shortly. 

Between the Lines

A free and confidential and virtual drop-in space for Oxy varsity student-athletes. Whatever you may be experiencing on or off the field, this is a safe space to take a time out and meet with a counselor to talk about it. Drop-ins are held weekly, starting on Monday, November 1st from 12:00pm - 2:00pm. The meetings are in person and are held in the rear office located in the dance studio. For more information, please contact Rich Estrada, LMFT via email at

Substance Use Support Space

A safe, welcoming, and open space for anyone who has questions about various substances, substance use, or their own relationship to substances in a confidential and non-judgmental space. This space is also welcoming to any individuals not having challenges with substances but who may know friends, family, or loved ones who are dealing with substance use challenges and are needing support for themselves. Wednesday weekly beginning on Sept 15th from 12pm-1pm (PST) with Rich Estrada LMFT. This meeting is held virtually, see below for details:
Meeting ID: 827 0812 1713
Passcode: 264633
1 669 900 6833 US Toll-Free

Black Voices: Drop-In Chat

A dedicated space for Black students to Drop In for one on one conversations. A welcoming space that centers around Black Wellness, a space to be heard, validated and supported. The Drop Ins are in person on Thursdays at 2:00 at the ICC. For more information, please contact Irma Breakfield via email at

What’s the Word, Hummingbird?

A supportive and confidential space for students with marginalized identities to meet with a counselor without the need for an appointment. POC, LGBTQ+, 1st Gen, and International Students are welcome to drop in for informal 1:1 conversations about any topic or concern. Students may reflect on relationships, identity, family, housing, academics, or any other life issue. Tuesdays from 1-3pm PST with Anna Rivera, Ph.D:
Meeting ID: 956 9332 2299
Passcode: h3LL0
888 475 4499 US Toll-free

Group Counseling

1st Gen Connection 

An open, supportive space for 1st Gen students to share and connect about their experiences. The group will touch on topics specific to the first gen experience, including adjustment to college, self-care, resiliency, belonging, impostor syndrome, and intersecting identities. A space in which students can be themselves and share about issues that are often invisible or dismissed, and they may not be able to share elsewhere. The group is drop in and will meet biweekly at a date and time TBD. Questions? Email Anna Rivera at

Disordered Eating Support Group

The disordered eating support group is designed for students who have experienced disordered eating and are committed and motivated for recovery. The focus is on developing coping skills, implementing strategies to continue forward in recovery, giving and receiving authentic and compassionate support, and expanding skills needed for recovery. The group is in person and will occur bi-weekly on Thursdays at the ICC. If interested or if you have any questions, please contact Rich Estrada, LMFT via email at

Mindfulness Group

A virtual 4-week psycho-educational group that provides opportunities to learn about and engage in various mindfulness practices. Each week focuses on different information and practices, including mindful breathing, mindful eating, body scan, managing difficult emotions, and loving kindness. Practicing these skills help with anxiety, sadness, critical thoughts, improving focus, and feeling more present in everyday life; it is a way to practice being less reactionary and more thoughtful in our decisions. The group meets virtually on Tuesdays from noon-1:00pm. The dates for the next session are November 2, 9, 16 and 23. Participation in all 4 weeks is encouraged. Questions? Email Anna Rivera, Ph.D at
Meeting ID: 847 2409 3671
Passcode: breathe
888 475 4499 US Toll-free

Survivors Circle

Survivors Circle is a safe, confidential environment that can provide support and understanding for any Oxy student who has experienced sexual assault (either while at Oxy or previously). Survivors Circle offers a space to heal and recover from trauma, to reestablish safety, to connect with others, and to share experiences. The group focuses on processing how the assault has impacted their lives. The group meets virtually, and will meet bi-weekly at a day and time TBD.  This is not a drop in group, and students are asked to commit as best they can to attending most sessions.  If interested, please contact Anna directly at