Frequently Asked Questions


Do the Survivor Advocates work for the Title IX office?

The Survivor Advocates are independent from the Title IX office, which handles the investigation and resolution of complaints of sexual or relationship violence among Occidental community members. The Title IX office is also responsible for holding the College accountable to its federal requirement to address sex and gender-based discrimination.

The Advocates can be a good first step for students who are wondering about the Title IX process. The Advocates can answer questions and provide more information about what the process might look like—without having to report information.

The Project SAFE office does not investigate allegations of violence. The office is a support for survivors and their friends and allies and provides them with resources, including reviewing the Title IX process with them to see if that is something they would want to pursue. Accordingly, there is no disciplinary element to Project SAFE.

If I meet with a Survivor Advocate, will they tell anyone else about what happened?

No, the Advocates are one of Oxy’s four confidential resources and will not share any information with anyone else unless there is an imminent risk of harm to self or others. The other confidential resources include ordained clergy in the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, the counseling staff at Emmons Wellness Center and the 24/7 Helpline: (323) 341-4141.

I don’t know if what I experienced is ‘serious enough’ to talk to a Survivor Advocate.

There are no qualifications for talking to an Advocate, who will provide support and resources to anyone who comes to the office. If it’s causing you distress or making you uncomfortable, it’s serious enough. The Advocates are also available to answer questions, help you clarify your own feelings or thoughts, and talk about healthy relationships and consensual activity.

Can I talk to the Survivor Advocate about something that happened before I got to Oxy?

Yes, the Advocate provides support to all students impacted by sexual or interpersonal violence, no matter when it happened. The Advocate can also provide support to students who experience violence while abroad or during absences from campus, and can help alumni get connected to community resources in their area.

How can I get involved with Project SAFE?

There are a variety of ways students can get involved with Project SAFE. If you are part of a club, team or organization on campus, we would love to collaborate with you or co-sponsor an event. You can also apply to be a student programming assistant. The applications for the next academic year are released each spring semester. The application process will be publicized through all-campus emails and on our social media. Application will be available on our Prevention Education page.