Where can your Oxy education take you?

Oxy Outcomes showcase our amazing alumni, highlighting their journey from the College into their career. Their accomplishments represent the endless career possibilities made possible by the liberal arts, and demonstrate how the skills, mentorship and experience gained at Oxy benefit students far into the future.

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Alumni from the Arts & Humanities

Alumni from the Social Sciences

Denzel Tongue portrait
Denzel Tongue '17
Sociology Policy Fellow, California Initiative for Health Equity & Action, UC-Berkeley School of Public Health
“The robust liberal arts education I received at Oxy provided me with critical thinking and research skills. As someone currently working in health policy, I believe my Oxy education provided the foundation for my career success.”
Anh Truong headshot
Anh Truong '95
Public Policy Chair, Labor Trafficking Subcommittee, LA Regional Human Trafficking Task Force
“I really believe in the liberal arts background as a solid foundation. I had no idea where I was going to end up, but Oxy gave me a support structure to succeed in whichever path I chose.”
Erika Nuno
Erika Nuno '00
Economics CEO & Co-founder, Champion City
“Oxy allowed me to grow in various ways. I had the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people that challenged me to look at situations and life differently—which I value tremendously.”
Leo Olebe '97
Politics, Public Policy VP for Global Partnerships, Xbox
“My Oxy experience still resonates. Being able to think critically about how people can come together and how you have to respect other cultures, ideas, different ways of solving problems—I literally use that every day.”
Sophie Von Bergen
Sophie von Bergen '16
Politics Associate Attorney, Miller Nash LLP
“I use the research, writing, critical thinking, and public speaking skills that I learned at Oxy every day as a litigator.”
Gabe Flores headshot
Gabe Flores '05
Anthropology Lead Product Art Designer, Netflix
“I have nothing but gratitude for the opportunities I’ve been given and the early footing Oxy helped me find.”
Brooke Vuong headshot
Brooke Vuong '05
Diplomacy & World Affairs Surgical Ocologist, Kaiser Permanente
“Take advantage of hearing the stories of people around you and learning from their experiences. Oxy gave me that opportunity, because everyone comes from such different backgrounds.”
Allen Fukada headshot
Allen Fukada '86
International Relations Partner, EY Strategy and Consulting Co.
“Oxy challenged me, inspired me and gave me the tools that have enabled me to do what I have done over the years. Oxy allowed me to grow and to form my own perspective on life.”
Stacey Carr headshot
Stacey Carr '04
Sociology TV Development Executive & Consultant
“At Oxy, I learned that any small idea could be turned into a fully realized event or product. The resources are there, they just need to be identified and activated.”

Alumni from the Sciences