Budget and Strategic Advisory Committee (BSAC)

Charge of the Budget and Strategic Advisory Committee (2020-21):

The President established the Budget and Strategic Advisory Committee to provide analysis, assessment and recommendations around the strategic issues facing the college both in the short and long term. The committee is further charged with the monitoring and analysis of institutional performance through key performance indicators, peer benchmarking, and external rankings in an effort to ensure institutional health and continued excellence.

BSAC will focus on the following three areas that involve the ongoing, annual operation and financial health of the college:

  • Annual operating budget development and multi-year projections/planning assumptions:  Advise on annual tuition increases, financial aid funding, student headcount and retention and graduation rate assumptions, salary pools for employees, and strategic investments.
  • Institutional Health: Monitor the BSAC KPI’s and recommend goals for improvement; monitor institutional performance against peers and competitors in a benchmarking portfolio; monitor and analyze institutional performance in external rankings and recommend goals for improvement.
  • Challenges and Opportunities: Understand the challenges and opportunities being faced by the college and advise on the development of medium-term and long-term financial planning.

The Budget and Strategic Advisory Committee will serve as a conduit between senior leadership and the Occidental community for matters related to institutional budget, strategic planning and performance, committed to transparent and consistent communication to the college community.

BSAC Membership, 2020-21

Amos Himmelstein, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for Finance, Planning and Operations
Wendy Sternberg, Dean of the College and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Barbara Gillett Valiente, Associate Vice President of Finance/Controller
Brandon Lehr, Associate Professor of Economics
Harry Elam, President
Irene Hedeman, Economics ’21/Vice President of Financial Affairs, Associated Students of Occidental College
John Lang, Associate Professor of Sociology/President, Faculty Council/Chair, Food Studies Minor
Kathryn Leonard, Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science/Chair, SCOF
Kitty Lu, Kinesiology ’21/President, Associated Students of Occidental College
Kristi Allen, Associate Vice President of Institutional Planning
Salvador Fernandez, Professor of Spanish and French Studies/Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Steven Montes, Work Center Supervisor, Facilities Management/Board Member, Administrator-Staff Council
Vincent Cuseo, Dean of Admission and Vice President for Enrollment