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Each fall, a small group of Oxy seniors comes to New York to participate in the Kahane Oxy-at-the-UN program.

They work in full-time internships within United Nations agencies, government missions, and, this year, even non-governmental organizations (NGOs), while also taking courses on human rights and conflict prevention. Fall 2021 means the welcoming of a new group, and in-person at that! The 17-person (G ‘21!) cohort has been in New York for a while and is working hard on their two classes and their UN internships. Within that time, the G ‘21 experienced the frenzy of “High-Level Week” of the General Assembly, on top of the regular chaos of New York! Not all of the students follow the GA in detail, but all are affected by the contexts of discussions in one way or another. Some students are lucky enough to engage in calmer research and data collection, while others are racing to cover meetings with or for their host organizations. For the first time, students are seeing the city through the School for International Training, with the support of Lucas Shapiro, SIT’s Engage New York Coordinator. Even in the in-person setting, the world has yet to return to "normal," but the group is excited and ready to face any challenges and enjoy their next few months at the UN!

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