Joy Sales, Assistant Prof. Cal State LA

Sponsored by Oxy's Humanities for Just Communities (in Conjunction with with HIST/RELS 169)

In this presentation, Prof. Sales will examine the intergenerational politics of Malaya Movement USA, a grassroots organization founded in 2018 during the administration of Rodrigo Duterte that currently addresses issues of human rights, democracy, and sovereignty in the Philippines.

Using an archive of activist documents, such as social media posts, protest art and photographs, campaign documents, and speeches, she argues that intergenerational relationships revitalized the diasporic anti-fascist activism of Filipino Americans in the 2010s and such bonds helped both young and older activists envision their work as part of a longer history of radical Filipino politics, in both the United States and the Philippines.

Joy Sales is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies at Cal State LA. She is currently working on her book manuscript, 'We Are Revolution': Empire, Diaspora, and Transnational Filipino/a American Activism.
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