Regular Faculty

Professor Treena Basu

Treena Basu, Chair

Associate Professor, Mathematics
M.S., Mathematical Sciences, University of Texas; Ph.D., Applied and Computational Mathematics, University of South Carolina
Treena Basu primarily works on developing numerical solutions to fractional partial differential equations. She is currently pursuing research in applications of data science in the field of educational data mining and medical data. Read her Oxy Story profile.
Professor Jim Brown

Jim L. Brown

Professor, Mathematics
B.S. Michigan State University; Ph.D. University of Michigan
Jim Brown's research is in number theory, with a particular emphasis in modular forms and arithmetic geometry. He has an interest in supervising undergraduates in research projects in number theory and closely aligned areas via his summer REU program (not to be confused with the URC).  Interested students should apply for a position in the REU through  Read his Oxy Story profile.
Ron Buckmire Official Photo [Cropped] (September 2022)

Ron Buckmire

Professor, Mathematics
B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Ron Buckmire has spent multiple decades in higher education, gathering experience, expertise, and accolades as a teacher, researcher, and administrator.
Professor Tamás Lengyel

Tamás Lengyel

Professor, Mathematics
Diploma, Ph.D., Eotvos University, Budapest
Tamás Lengyel has research interest in multivariate statistical analysis and the combinatorial and algorithmic aspects of applied mathematics.
Professor Ramin Naimi

Ramin Naimi

Professor, Mathematics
B.S., UCLA; Ph.D., Caltech
Ramin Naimi is a topologist with research interests in spatial graph theory, low dimensional topology, and knot theory.
Professor Timothy Rainone

Timothy Rainone

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
B.S., M.S., McGill University; Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Timothy’s work and interests lie in the field of operator algebras, which bridges ideas in functional and harmonic analysis, group theory and dynamical systems.
Professor Eric Sundberg

Eric Sundberg

Professor, Mathematics
A.B., Occidental College; Ph.D., Rutgers University
Eric Sundberg's research focuses on positional game theory, combinatorics, and graph theory.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Nishu Lal

Nishu Lal

Visiting Associate Professor, Mathematics
B.S., M.S., UC, Irvine; Ph.D., UC Riverside
Nishu's research focuses on spectral analysis on fractals, specifically Laplacian and spectral zeta functions on self-similar fractals and self-similar graphs

Don Lawrence

Visiting Professor, Mathematics
B.A., Pomona College; M.A., Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara
Professor Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller

Resident Associate Professor, Mathematics
B.S. UC Davis; M.A., Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara

Sandra Ritz

Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics
B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of Southern California
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